​Tips for Selling Cameras on eBay

​Tips for Selling Cameras on eBayAccording to a recent article posted on eBay, one of the best selling items on eBay is the digital camera.

Right off the bat, we can guess two things: 1) It doesn’t take much effort to sell an in-demand product and 2) There’s probably a lot of product available so there’s a need to differentiate your camera so it sells well.

After a little preliminary research, it turns out that selling cameras on eBay doesn’t take much effort – unless you want a good price. Everyone looking to sell a camera on eBay should gather the appropriate knowledge necessary for securing a good price. This post will tell you everything you need to know before you sell your camera on the almighty eBay.

No matter what you sell on eBay, there are a few similar things that need to be done. Although this guide is meant for selling cameras on eBay, some of the writing overlaps many categories.

Selling cameras on eBay means you need good pictures. Pictures generate sales. Focus on:

  • Lighting – Ensure proper lighting when taking your photos. According to eBay, natural, indirect lighting works best. Use auxiliary lighting if needed to get rid of any shadows.
  • Angles – Make sure to take pictures from multiple angles. Zoom in on any notable details such as a rare feature or a scratch that needs shown. Show pictures taken by the camera you are selling. If a charger or memory card is included, take photos of those items as well.
  • BackgroundAccording to eBay, a solid, contrasting background is best for selling your item. If your camera is black, use a white background. Avoid background distractions. There should be nothing else in your image except what you are selling. There is one exception: you may add something in your background to reference the size of your item. Consider using an item that’s universally known such as a pop can or a quarter dollar.
  • Stock Photos – You can use stock photos if you wish. Especially consider this if the item your selling has been modified and you want to showcase the difference between the stock item and your modified item. However, stock photos should not be a replacement to your own photos. People like to see what they are bidding on. If you do not use original photos as well, you may be bombarded by requests. You can find stock photos just by running a Google image search for ‘stock photos insert camera name here‘. Under image licensing, search for images with a creative commons licensing so you are free to use the photo on eBay without breaking any laws.

A photos draws the person to your listing, a description sells your goods

According to eBay, a good description is concise, well organized, and easy to read. To sell your camera, you should know your camera. Your description should include details:

  • Zoom capabilities
  • Memory
  • Built-in settings: modes, flash settings, megapixels, ability to interface with other devices, internet connectivity
  • Details: owners manual, charger(s), battery pack(s), viewfinder size, overall camera size, carrying case, etc. What condition is the item in? How long have you used it? What are the model and serial numbers? Include the official color name in case your photos misrepresent the true color. If you’re not sure about any of the above details, look them up in either the operators manual or the products official web page. You wouldn’t want to accidentally misrepresent your item. That may ruin some potential deals from happening – or worse yet, create deals that end up becoming returns and/or negative feedback.

Shipping: The Most Tedious part of being an eBay seller

You can use the eBay shipping calculator to see how much it will cost to ship your camera.

For shipping, cameras take extra care. Wrap your view finders and lenses in plastic to avoid damage. Don’t use newspaper to cover them as the ink can smear onto the product. Wrap all cords with a twist tie. It’s best to then put the camera and accessories in a plastic bag just in case they get wet during shipment. Either do that or take out insurance. It can happen.

Final words for selling a camera on eBay

eBay has everything from simple point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated DSLRs. Right now on eBay there are so many things to choose from in the camera department: digital cameras, film cameras, and everything in between. There are dozens of listings on any given day. Make your listing standout. Nothing dramatic needs done. Just a well thought out listing like the one outlined above will set yours apart from the competition.

You know everything you need to know. Good luck selling your camera on eBay!


Note: If you decide to skip eBay altogether, there are a few other places you can sell your camera: Craigslist, Keh.com, B&H, Adorama, Facebook, a local camera shop

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