10 Things to Buy That’ll Save Money on a Daily Basis

Frugality isn’t the absence of spending money. It’s the ability to spend money in the wisest ways. That said, a frugal person can spend lots of money. The following post describes 10 things you can buy that save you money on a daily basis.  This is how to save money on a daily basis:


1. A Reusable Water Bottle


Having a reusable water bottle means no more buying expensive drinks when you’re out and about. Instead, you simply use your water bottle. This is especially handy when traveling. Even just a bottle of water at airports is expensive. You’ll pay for even a high-end water bottle in no time. I prefer the Camelbak eddy.


2. A Programmable Thermostat


When you’re not home, your house should reflect that. An automatic thermostat knows to drop the temperature at certain times of the day. When you’re at work, for instance, or at night when you’re sleeping. This will always keep your house at the optimal money saving temperature.


3. A Bicycle


Most people can’t bike anywhere. They either lack the stamina, time, determination or all of the above. It’s understandable. So instead of trying to bike everywhere, simply choose to bike to work. This will save you big money – even if your work is really close. A car burns a lot of fuel in those first few miles. Bicycling means you won’t even have to turn on the car most days.


4. A Smartphone


Though smartphones are expensive, there are many ways to save while using them. This can be while using an app like Uber instead of a taxi cab. You can also use a couponing app. Or you can simply do some quick price comparison shopping before checking out of Best Buy. A smartphone offers so many ways to save, I’m sure you can justify its cost.


5. A Lunch Container


Buy a quality lunch container. This way, you’re not as tempted to eat out. You’ll be able to quickly pack it before leaving the house. Or better yet – the night before. And don’t be afraid to splurge on this. It’ll save you so much money, you can justify buying basically the nicest lunch container on the planet – and still make your money back in a matter of weeks.


6. Reusable Razor


Disposable razors are expensive. Consider getting a  rechargeable razor. They work well for most people and you’re not having to constantly throw parts of them away. The recommended replacement for heads is typically one year. That’s a lot better than about once per week as with a traditional razor.


7. Quality Cookware


I met someone who said quality cookware is the best investment he’s ever made. He said it’s because they’re a joy to use. This means he uses them often. It makes cooking a joy. I find this true as well. Cooking with good tools vs. poor tools is a world of difference. Start by getting a good chef’s knife and a good set of pots. You’ll be saving money in no time.


8. Energy Efficient Appliances


Are your appliances and electronic power hogs? If so, consider replacing them. Energy efficient models will drastically reduce your power bill. And they will probably look better and be more enjoyable to use. Start by looking at items like computers, washer/dryer sets, TV’s and microwaves. When shopping for new, look at how much power each appliance uses.


9. A Capsule Wardrobe


Yes – you can buy clothing to begin saving money. Just make sure to buy capsule items. Capsule items are items you can wear for many occasions. This saves you from buying tons of similar garments. Good capsule items are also high quality. You won’t be needed to buy new items every few months. Very handy.


10. Glasses


Contacts are expensive compared with glasses. So consider wearing your glasses more often. Or buy a new pair if you don’t love your current pair. You’ll be able to see just as well but the cost will be less. It’s also healthy to give your eyes a break every once-in-awhile. Most contacts can easily irritate the eyes when worn for long periods of time.


What will you buy? How much will you save?