10 Tips to Make Moving Easier

A lot of people complain about moving from one house to another one. I’ve moved about 10 places in my 24 years on this planet. I find moving easy – probably thanks to these 10 hacks.


Hack 1: Clean before you pack

It’s smart to clean everything before you begin packing it up. You don’t want the people who help move you to find out about your dirty laundry. Also, it’ll force you to look everything over and help when completing hack 2.

Hack 2: Sell/Donate/Gift/Trash

After you’ve cleaned everything, you’ll have gone over everything. You’ll know what stuff you have lying around that you can 1)Sell 2) Donate 3) Gift 4) Trash. Make 4 piles. If the people helping you move want anything you would otherwise sell/donate/gift/trash, consider letting them have the item(s). Helpers also appreciate lots of pizza!

Hack 4: Move when the outdoor temperature is best

Unless you’re moving to a new apartment within the same building, you’ll need to go outside. Consider the temperature. You’ll need to have vehicle and building doors open for long periods of time. It’s best to move when the weather is mild so you don’t lose all your A/C or heat. Also, moving in the summer is hot, sweaty work. Moving in the winter may mean ice/snow. This is why houses sell for less in the winter – it’s a terrible time to be moving!

Hack 3: Begin Packing earlier than you think you need to

Packing takes longer than a person would expect. Common delays include: reminiscing about a long-forgotten but now found possession, online shopping when you discover an item you thought you had is now lost, people telling you goodbye as you move out. If you begin packing soon, it will ease your anxiety when moving as well. It’s just like getting ready in the morning; give yourself an extra 5 minutes and everything goes better.

Hack 8: Label all boxes

Write on all the boxes so everyone knows what they contain. Write ‘fragile’ on the boxes if need be. Communication is key to the move – written or verbal.

Hack 5: If you’re the person moving, you take the lead

Your helpers can do the heavy lifting. You need to focus on the big picture. It’s super awkward when (as a helper) I’m helping sort a persons personal items while they carry out boxes instead of vice versa. The person who is moving houses needs to be the leader. The other people do the grunt work.

Hack 9: Remember that people have to sit in the vehicles

Don’t overpack them! One thing that I almost always do when I move is accidentally over pack the car. I forget that people need to get inside as well! You can’t bury every seat in boxes of clothing!

Hack 6: Don’t forget to eat/drink

Moving often takes hours. Remember to hydrate and stay nourished. And give your helpers options as well. Leave out snacks and waters for them to help themselves to. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way!!!

Hack 7: Don’t stack boxes when at the new location

There’s nothing more annoying than finally getting moved into a new house – just to have to move tons and tons of boxes just to find your toothbrush. Spread things out in the new house. Decide approximately where items/boxes should go and get them to approximately the right spot.

Hack 10: Do a once-over

Just like when you leave a hotel room, do a ‘once-over’ of your old living quarters. The main reason for doing this is to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. Also consider… Is the place clean? Are there any repairs to be done? Why has the place never looked this spacious before?


These are the 10 hacks I’ve learned over the years. I hope this list will help you the next time you move. You’re moving for a reason that’s obviously important. You shouldn’t be dragged down with the anxiety of moving physical possessions.

I hope these 10 hacks will make moving easier for you! Good luck!