10 Ways to Make $100 a Day

ways to make $100 a day

Looking for a way to make a little extra cash? If you have a tad bit of time to spare and want to exchange it for some cash, then here are some great ways you can make $100 a day.

Drive Your Car

You can definitely make $100 a day by simply driving around. You can transport people from A-to-B with a ride share service like Uber or Lyft. Or you can deliver food through Uber Eats or another food delivery service.

Create an Online Course

Do you have knowledge to share? Want to make a little side cash? Creating an online course could help make you a passive (or semi-passive) income and bring in the equivalent of $100 a day (or more) if you market it correctly. There are a ton of great platforms to make online courses, all you need is a topic!

Share Your Opinion (Sans Survey)

Yeah, yeah — you could totally fill out surveys online. But how much fun is that really? How about sharing your opinion without spending a few hours punching on your computer for a measly $5? If that sounds good to you then a service like respondent.io allows you to participate in high-quality market research studies.

Pet Sitting

You can make a tad bit of extra cash by pet sitting. Technically, I pay my puppy sitter $30 a night if he stays for a week or longer. It’s not exactly $100 a day, but perhaps you can charge a tad bit more! Plus, you get to hang out with little critters!

Start a Blog

Admittedly, blogging is a long-term game but you can honestly make $100 a day if you put some effort into it in the beginning. Some bloggers have managed to pull in an extra few thousand dollars monthly with a bit of upfront work and some good marketing!

Test Websites

You can test websites for a tad bit of cash. It’s not the most lucrative way to make $100 a day, but it is easy and might even be fun to do! If you like to surf around on the web and often find yourself thinking a website could seriously use some changes than this might be the perfect side gig for you!

Teach English Online

There are always companies looking for people too teach English online, so if you have a good grasp of the English language and genuinely love to help people learn, then this could be the perfect gig for you!

Listen to Podcasts

If you’re a huge podcast listener like I am then you definitely need to check out the Podcoin App. This is a brand new app that gives you podcoins to listen to podcast episodes, and the longer you listen to podcasts the more coins you can make. Eventually, you can trade these coins in for cold, hard gift cards.

Livin’ the Freelance Life

If you have a great freelancing skill that companies are looking for — writing, graphic design, virtually assisting — then doing a little freelance on the side might be a perfect way for you to make $100 a day.

Go For a Walk

Much like the Podcoin App, Sweatcoin allows users to earn coins from taking walks outside. Download the app and simply walk! Once you’ve reached enough coins, you can cash out your points for products and gift cards.

Why Make $100 a Day?

Hopefully, I don’t have to convince you the value of having a little extra cash in your pocket. But in case you need a little overview of why exchanging a few of your extra hours per day (or even per week) might be worth your time, here’s why you should work to make $100 a day?

  • Making extra money helps you pay off debt faster — no debt, no problem. Right?
  • If you make $100 a day extra, you might be able to leave that crummy job you hate so much!
  • Having extra money can give you a little wiggle-room, no more living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • You can save that extra $100 a day and put it towards something you really want to do (hello, Mexico)!

Do you have any great ideas to make $100 a day? Tell me about them below!

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