12 Reasons Why Trump’s Presidency Is Pivotal for Older Americans

Whether you like him or loathe him, it’s clear that Donald Trump made a big impact on America during his time as president. This is true for all age groups, but how did our older generation fare under his presidency? Here are 12 reasons why Trump’s presidency is pivotal for older Americans.

Signing the Supporting Older Americans Act

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In 2020, Trump signed the Supporting Older Americans Act into law, making a positive impact on many senior citizens. According to the Committee on Education & the Workforce, the act empowers America’s older citizens to live high-quality, independent lives by providing important social and nutrition services.

Impact on the Republican Party

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Trump was a highly influential figure within the Republican Party, causing many of his fellow Republicans to become closely aligned with his views. Michael Espinoza argues that overall, Trump pushed the Republican Party rightward and toward some of his more extreme views. This trend inevitably trickled over into the perspectives of many older Americans.

Economic Growth and Decline

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Did you know that real GDP increased during the first two years of Trump’s presidency? While Trump did inherit a strong economy and the return on his promises varied, overall, the economy continued to thrive under most of his presidency, benefiting many older citizens throughout America.

Changes in Household Income and Poverty

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Like real GDP, household income saw an initial rise during Trump’s presidency before taking a downturn as COVID-19 hit in 2020. The official poverty rate also increased during 2020, which hit many older Americans who were already struggling with isolation and being at risk of poor health.

Trump’s Emphasis on Deregulation

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Trump prioritized deregulation as a key part of his economic policy. While some may argue that this benefited Americans in several ways, there were also some significant downsides. One example of this was his deregulation of nursing home infection and safety standards, which left older Americans at a higher risk of COVID-19.

Immigration Policy and Older Americans

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Trump took an aggressive stance on immigration that had a marked impact on older Americans. Some of his policies affected families with immigrant family members, while his changes in immigration law also influenced the wider social landscape surrounding the issue.

Healthcare Initiatives and Challenges

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The ex-president had a long list of proposed healthcare policies that made waves in America. His proposed healthcare plan threatened to cost older adults significantly more than they were previously paying. He also attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which could put many older Americans at risk.

Tax Reforms

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In 2017, Trump implemented the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which changed tax policies and impacted many older Americans. While there has been a lot of debate over whether the tax reform for seniors ultimately benefited or harmed them, it certainly made a lasting impression. Some received large tax cuts, while others saw no change, and a few were worse off.

Social Security and Medicare

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Trump’s policies around Social Security and Medicare left many older Americans concerned about the future of these important systems. His proposed cuts to these programs threaten to negatively affect the financial and medical well-being of older citizens.

Veterans’ Affairs Reforms

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Early on in his presidency, Trump implemented many major pieces of veteran-related legislation, including the Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, the Veterans Choice Improvement Act, and the Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. Many of these acts improved the lives of veterans through benefits such as improved healthcare.

Revamping the Judicial System

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Trump appointed several federal judges during his presidency, which inevitably affected legal interpretations. As the judicial system saw a conservative shift, this affected several matters of importance to older adults, including cases related to healthcare and retirement.

Policies Affecting the Stock Market

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During Trump’s presidency, the stock market saw significant fluctuations, influenced by his administration’s trade, tax, and regulatory decisions. These changes particularly impacted older Americans who were reliant on market investments for retirement. Long-term market stability remains a key factor in retirement planning and income.


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