16 Iconic ’90s Toys You Probably Haven’t Thought About Lately

If you were born in the ‘90s (or late ‘80s), you’re probably familiar with all the iconic toys of the decade, though you may have forgotten about some of them by now. In this article, we’re sharing 16 of the coolest and most popular toys of the time that will make you feel nostalgic for your childhood!


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Furbys were incredibly popular back in the day, first introduced in 1998. The owl-like toy became an instant hit among kids for its ability to “learn” and speak Furbish—not to mention, it was absolutely adorable with big eyes and a fluffy body! Luckily for the kids of today, a more advanced reboot has been launched with some pretty cool features.


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If you weren’t collecting Tamagotchis and showing off to all your friends, then what were you doing? These keychain-sized virtual pets were launched in the mid-’90s and needed near-constant care to survive. They became so popular that they were even banned from some schools due to distraction.

Polly Pocket

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As told by Love to Know, “​​Kids practically foamed at the mouth for Bluebird’s microscopic Polly Pocket toys in the ‘90s and ‘00s.” You likely remember the hype yourself! These toys were small enough to fit in a pocket and adored by children who enjoyed playing with and designing miniature worlds. 

Beanie Babies

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Are all the memories rushing back to you? Beanie Babies were a real hit in the late ‘90s specifically. The cute little plush toys, almost under-stuffed with beans or pellets, started a massive collectibles craze. If you’ve still got any sitting around in the attic or garage, you may want to consider selling them—some are highly valuable among collectors today.

Game Boy Color

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The kids of today may be busy playing with their iPhones, Nintendo Switches, and PS5s, but the real OGs remember the Game Boy Color in all its glory. It was a real pivotal piece of handheld gaming, with games like “Super Mario Bros” and “Pokémon” exciting children everywhere.

Stretch Armstrong

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As you may recall, this toy was known for its incredible stretchability. It could be stretched repeatedly and would somehow always return to its original shape! Stretch Armstrong was a must-have toy until about the late ’90s, though it’s since been re-released due to popular demand from nostalgic fans.

Jumanji Board Game

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This board game “was produced by Milton Bradley in 1995 and is loosely based on the 1995 movie of the same name,” as per Jumanji Wiki. The now-retro game was loved by fans of the movie and featured elements of strategy and chance, providing hours of fun for families of all ages. It’s still played by some today!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Did you own these toys when you were a kid? For those who aren’t familiar, these action figures were based on the popular TV show from 1993. All kinds of toys related to the show were released, including Megazords and role-play items.

Pokémon Cards

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Ah, the good old days of Pokémon card trading—we bet you wish you could dig these out and travel back in time! The cards started a global phenomenon that continues to thrive to this day, though more so in digital form. However, collectors still seek out rare cards from the original ’90s sets.

Super Soaker

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The Super Soaker revolutionized outdoor play back in the ‘90s with its powerful water jets (a major upgrade from traditional water pistols, if we do say so ourselves). According to The Strong National Museum of Play, “Aggressive advertising sold 27 million Super Soakers at $10 each in the first three years of production.”

Betty Spaghetty

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Did you have a Betty Spaghetty as a little girl? We bet you haven’t thought about her for a few years! For those who don’t know, this was a customizable doll with interchangeable parts that allowed for endless fashion possibilities. The doll was loved for its unique, bendable limbs and all its vibrant accessories.

Mouse Trap

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Mouse Trap has been re-released a few times over the years so you may have played it recently, but there’s nothing as nostalgic as the original! The colorful board game involves setting up a complex contraption to catch opposing mice—a game you probably had lots of fun playing with your siblings, friends, or parents.

Transformers Micromasters

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Let us jog your memory—these toys were a sub-line of the Transformers. Essentially, they were smaller, more portable versions of the popular figures. You may have even carried them around in your pocket or school bag to battle your friends.


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Troll dolls were released in the 1960s, according to Smithsonian Mag, but were still all the rage in the ‘90s. While you likely haven’t thought about them in a while, you’d recognize one in an instant with its gravity-defying colorful hair and ugly-cute appearance. Collecting and styling the dolls became a hobby for many kids back in the day!

Crocodile Dentist

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Did you ever play Crocodile Dentist as a child? This simple mechanical game was a hit due to its suspenseful gameplay, where players would take turns pressing the teeth until the crocodile’s mouth snapped shut. It was fun yet easy to play, making it very popular for young children.


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The final iconic ‘90s toy on our list that you probably forgot about until now is the Beyblade, which originated in Japan. As I’m sure you remember, Beyblades were spinning tops that people would collect and battle for. They were all the rage in the late ‘90s and ‘00s.

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