17 Lost Christian Values That Are Still Important Today

Christianity has existed for a long time, and there’s no doubt that some things have changed. This is unfortunate because some of those values come in very handy no matter what century we’re in. This article looks at 17 Christian values that remain important to all of us today.


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Faithfulness means staying true to your beliefs and being loyal to God, family, and friends. Being committed to God and your friends means regularly showing it in your actions, not just saying it for the sake of saying it. You must also be consistent in your actions.


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A humble person recognizes that they don’t exist on their own and heavily depend on those around them. More importantly, they appreciate what their loved ones and God do for them in their lives. According to the C.S. Lewis Institute, “Humility is our greatest friend. It increases our hunger for God’s word and opens our hearts to his Spirit.”


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Jesus was a very compassionate man, especially towards those who were suffering. Christians should aim to live just like they did and treat those around them with kindness and understanding. You can do this by volunteering in the community or even just by having empathy towards those you interact with daily.


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The Bible speaks a lot about integrity. It clearly states that one who can’t be trusted with small things cannot also be trusted with big things. A person with integrity is honest and has very strong moral principles on which they stand.


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Giving is one of the main pillars of Christianity. Global Disciples Canada recommends giving time, resources, or tangible goods to people who have less than you do. An important aspect of giving is not expecting something in return. We must all be willing and ready to help others even though they’re unable to help us back.


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God promises to forgive our sins as long as we ask for them. Therefore, we must follow in the same footsteps and forgive our loved ones when they do something wrong. Forgiving doesn’t just benefit others; it also benefits you because it allows you to live your life without carrying the burden of grudges.


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God always delivers on his promises, which is why patience is a must if you’re a Christian. A truly patient person knows how to calmly wait and trust God’s timing without losing their mind. This means that they don’t spend their time complaining about the circumstances but rather waiting for when everything will work out.


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Imagine you give someone something, and they don’t say thank you. You’d probably not be pleased. That’s exactly how God feels when he gives us so much, including the gift of life, and we don’t take time in our day to say thank you. It’s pretty simple: Bethesda Gardens Monument actually says prayer is the best way to show gratitude. 


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When you’re kind to other people, it could make a huge difference in their day or even in their lives. In many cases, it takes very little effort to be kind to the people around you. Additionally, be considerate and continue to spread positivity and joy through simple gestures like holding doors and sharing your spare change.


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Most Christians are always in a state of asking but rarely take time to think of how they could be of service to others and to God. Each of us has a unique gift that can be useful to the people in our lives. By helping people here on earth, you are directly serving your God in heaven, and you’ll one day be rewarded for it.


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Christianity.com defines peace as “a tranquil state of appreciation and faith when we submit to and trust the commandments of God and Christ.”. This means that whenever you have the chance to bring or promote harmony, do so. If you have the chance to prevent conflict between yourself and someone else or between two other people, you should do your best to avoid it.


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God has a plan for each of us, and he only asks us to trust him while it unfolds. It’s understandable that there are times when things seem like they can’t get any better, but they always do. Whenever you feel like you’re at your lowest, just remember that you’ve survived all your most difficult moments, and you are still here.


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It’s true what they say: the truth hurts, but lies are usually more harmful, especially in the long term. Honesty is the best policy for a reason. When you’re honest, your relationships are built on trust and are much stronger for that simple reason.


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It’s hard to define what respect is to everyone, but in many cases, it’s valuing other people’s opinions and treating them with dignity. We all value different things, meaning that we understand life differently. However, we can still get along if we respect each other’s way of living.


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The modern world is filled with temptations at every corner. There are multiple temptations throughout the day for earthly pleasures such as sex, money, and food. As Christians, we must set ourselves apart by having the ability to look away from this temptation when it is waved in our faces.


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If you put in the work and trust in God, there are plenty of good things waiting for you in your future. It might not seem like it at the moment, but you need to trust God’s timing and simply wait. Even during hard times, you must have hope to keep yourself going.


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One of Jesus’s most important teachings was on love. He emphasized that we need to have love for each other and love for God. If we truly love each other and God as well, we learn to live together without conflict.

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