17 Most Boring States in the US

Not all states in the U.S. have cities with bright lights and tall skyscrapers that never quiet down. Instead, some can have limited nightlife, quiet neighborhoods, and attract a minimum number of tourists. Living in a rural area can be boring with little to do; however, it can also be beneficial with tighter communities and less pollution.


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Kansas is known for its vast openness and wind farms. The large open spaces mean population numbers are lower, with the World Population Review writing, “More than 39% of the state’s population lives in Johnson County and Sedgwick County, making the rest of the state relatively empty.”


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The majority of the population in Iowa is married, coming in at 52%. Also, 15% of the population is over 65 years old, so this, along with the marriage statistic, means there aren’t many young people in Iowa. The state lacks excitement and is instead known for its family-friendly areas and great job opportunities.


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A high percentage of households in Utah are married and have children. There is a young population, but they have limited options when it comes to entertainment. This is supported by Area Vibes, which writes, “Sure, Utah has some great skiing, and some really pretty landscapes that can take your breath away. But the residents of Utah? Pretty boring.”


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Montana has a low population density, and a significant percentage is over the age of 65. More than half of the households in this state are married, which doesn’t make it the most exciting. Montana is better known for its natural beauty than for its urban activities.


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The state has a higher population density compared to others on the list; however, many of the population are married, and 23% have children. There isn’t much urban activity in Minnesota, especially compared to other states. This has caused it to lack the excitement that’s seen in other states with a high population.


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Zippia writes, “It’s not really one of those coastal states you’d ever really see in the news.” Maine was named the tenth most boring state in the U.S. It has the second oldest population, with 17% over the age of 65. The state is known for its limited urban entertainment and slower pace of life.


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The average age in Arkansas is high, and with most people married, it shows that the state prefers a slower pace of life and quieter living. There’s limited nightlife in Arkansas, which is great if you’re a family, but not so great if you’re young or single. The state is rural and quiet, with few entertainment options.


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Nebraska has a younger population compared to other states; however, it also has a high population of married couples. As there’s a low population density in Nebraska, there are limited options for urban activities. Most people in Nebraska prefer a relaxed, family environment to lively entertainment.

South Dakota

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A significant amount of the population in South Dakota is over the age of 65. The state is also rural and sparsely populated, meaning there isn’t really a need for urban activities to entertain the population. Smaller towns mean limited nightlife, so don’t expect any wild nights out in South Dakota.


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The Top Tens writes, “It’s pretty boring unless you’re heavily into hiking or skiing. CO cities are culturally lacking and people are mostly copies of each other.” While Colorado may have some beautiful skiing spots, it doesn’t have anywhere you can let your hair down after. Towns are many miles away from each other, making it a rural state.


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Texas can become hot in the summer, and this can limit outdoor activities for a significant part of the year. Some areas, in particular North Texas, lack natural beauty, which doesn’t leave much room for getting out and enjoying the state. There’s more to do in the larger cities, such as Houston; however, it has a reputation for being uneventful.


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Oklahoma has many rural areas, which means it lacks urban activities, especially when it comes to nightlife. Some areas can offer more exciting things to do, such as Oklahoma City, but the majority of the state doesn’t have much to offer its population or visitors.


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Alabama is well-known for its natural beauty and historic sites. However, due to its older population, it does lack urban activities. This is supported by the Alabama Reflector, which writes, “The median age for people living in the state is 39.4 years, slightly higher than the median age of the U.S. at 38.9 years.”


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While Tennessee is known for being lively in its more populated areas, such as Nashville, the rural areas suffer. Nashville and Memphis have their own music and culture, but the rural areas of Tennessee are more laid back and uneventful. The state has its natural beauty, but away from the big cities, there isn’t a lot to do.


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Even though Indianapolis is a large city, there still isn’t much to do. The city is considered to be quite boring, with limited entertainment downtown. The state is better known for its calm and tranquil settings. There’s barely any nightlife or cultural attractions compared to other larger cities in the country.


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While the state may have Las Vegas, the rest of it is very limited when it comes to things to do. For example, USA by Numbers writes about Henderson, “Its residents mainly go to Vegas to party and enjoy their weekends, leaving the people in Henderson with not much to do in their own city.”


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Cities such as Mesa and Gilbert are known for their lack of nightlife and limited dining options. There’s a small youth population, which means limited entertainment options, especially in the evening. Arizona appeals more to those who are after a quieter and more suburban lifestyle than excitement.

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