17 of the World’s Most Gorgeous Animals

With millions of species all over the world, it’s no wonder that our planet is home to some incredibly beautiful animals. While it’s hard to pick just a few of the most stunning, we’ve done our best with this list. Keep reading to discover 17 of the world’s most gorgeous animals.


Photo Credit: Viliam.M/Shutterstock.

Peacocks are famous for their beautiful, iridescent plumage and incredible tail feathers. The blue, green, and yellow hues work together perfectly to create an awe-inspiring display of beauty. Only the males of the species feature these brightly colored feathers to attract females during their courtship displays.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Photo Credit: Romet6/Shutterstock.

The blue morpho butterfly is another incredibly beautiful creature with iridescent colors. Its blue wings appear to glimmer and change color when reflecting the sunlight, making it one of the most gorgeous butterflies in the world. Blue morphos are native to Central and South America and can typically be found in tropical rainforests.

Bengal Tiger

Photo Credit: MEDIAIMAG/Shutterstock.

While many big cats are beautiful, majestic beings, there’s something especially stunning about the Bengal tiger. Its contrasting orange, black, and white markings really make an impression. These big cats are also the largest tiger species, with some males growing up to 10.5 feet long.

Mandarin Duck

Photo Credit: Peter Mayer 67/Shutterstock.

The Mandarin duck is famous for its brightly colored, vibrant plumage, that features intricate markings. Their colors work together perfectly and are designed to help the males of the species attract females. These stunning little ducks can be found throughout East Asia, but mostly in Japan and China.

Arabian Horse

Photo Credit: Olga_i/Shutterstock.

We all know that horses are majestic beings, but Arabian horses take that natural beauty to another level. These beautiful creatures are known for their elegance, speed, and gracefulness, with an arched neck and chiseled head. As the name suggests, Arabian horses originated from the Arabian Peninsula.

Scarlet Macaw

Photo Credit: Martin Mecnarowski/Shutterstock.

The scarlet macaw is yet another gorgeous bird known for its vibrant, colorful plumage. Its red, yellow, and blue feathers are sure to have you staring in awe at one of the world’s most beautiful parrots. As well as being stunningly beautiful, these birds are also highly intelligent and social, and they’re often seen in small flocks or pairs.

Golden Pheasant

Photo Credit: Wang LiQiang/Shutterstock.

As you may have guessed from its name, the golden pheasant is famous for its golden crest. It also has a vibrant red body with beautiful blue and green accents. These birds are native to Central China, where they can mostly be found in mountainous regions.

Arctic Fox

Photo Credit: Jennifersal/Shutterstock.

Many people love the Arctic fox for its beautiful pure white fur and adorable little face. While its fur may look beautiful, it also serves the important purpose of helping it camouflage against its snowy environment and protect against the cold. These cute little creatures are native to the Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America.

Mandarin Fish

Photo Credit: Kurit afshen/Shutterstock.

The Mandarin fish is considered one of the most beautiful aquatic species in the world, with stunning orange, green, and blue markings. They can be found in several areas within the Pacific Ocean, but especially in waters around the Philippines and Indonesia.


Photo Credit: xiong tianyi/Shutterstock.

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning the king of the jungle himself. Male lions are famous for their gorgeous manes, which help them attract the attention of females. Their huge size also adds to their sense of majesty, with some males growing up to 10 feet long.

Red Panda

Photo Credit: Animalgraphy/Shutterstock.

Red pandas are famous for their fluffy red, black, and white fur, as well as their adorable appearance. These cute little guys are native to the Himalayan forests in China, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. They’re also known for being highly skilled climbers and spending a lot of their time in forest trees.

Emperor Angelfish

Photo Credit: bearacreative/Shutterstock.

The emperor angelfish is one of the most majestic marine creatures in the world, with incredibly vibrant colors and intricate blue, yellow, and black markings. These stunning fish are native to coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region and can commonly be seen in the Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea.


Photo Credit: Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock.

The toucan is a distinctive bird with a huge, colorful bill and beautiful plumage. According to the San Diego Zoo, some argue that their large beaks play a role in attracting mates, while others hypothesize that they may be important for scaring away predators or competing for food.

Mandarin Rat Snake

Photo Credit: Breck P. Kent/Shutterstock.

The Mandarin rat snake is famous for its incredible orange and black markings. It is remarkably similar to the Mandarin duck in its coloration, so it’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the most beautiful snakes in the world. Like its feathered counterpart, it can be found throughout East Asia.

Tree Kangaroo

Photo Credit: Susan Flashman/Shutterstock.

The tree kangaroo has a very distinctive appearance that could be described as a cross between a sloth and a kangaroo. These shy marsupials are considered some of the most gorgeous in the world, with adorable faces and rich brown and ginger hues.

Orchid Mantis

Photo Credit: Lauren Suryanata/Shutterstock.

You may not think of critters as being particularly pretty, but the orchid mantis could change your mind on that. These beautiful little creatures camouflage themselves by disguising themselves as orchid flowers, meaning they have stunning floral features and a pleasant pink coloration. They’re native to Southeast Asia and are commonly seen in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Peacock Spider

Photo Credit: crbellette/Shutterstock.

As its name suggests, the peacock spider has colors and markings reminiscent of a male peacock’s plumage. National Geographic notes that these beautiful arachnids have taken the internet by storm with their charming little mating dances, during which they put their gorgeous colors on full display. Like many other spider species, peacock spiders are native to Australia, where they often reside in coastal regions.

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