17 Signs of Above Average Intelligence

If you’ve noticed that you have a strong desire to learn new things, have a great sense of humor, or started reading from an early age, then these could all be signs that you’re smarter than the average person. Here are 17 signs to prove it.

The Desire to Learn New Things

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If you’ve spent your life always wanting to learn or understand new things then it could be a sign that you’re smarter than the average person. This curiosity gives you the motivation to expand your knowledge and experience new things. Global English Editing writes “The most intelligent animals tend to be the most curious.”

Creative Thinking

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The more intelligent a person is, the more they can come up with ideas and solutions. They can easily connect unrelated subjects in the most creative way. This skill is commonly linked with high intelligence levels and isn’t something the average person can do.

A Risk Taker

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An intelligent person is more likely to take risks. Science Daily writes in an article that “daring and risk-willingness activate and challenge the brain’s capacity.” In many different studies, risk-taking has been linked with smarter people due to them having more white brain matter. This is because it has a higher cognitive capacity.

Will Admit To Not Knowing Something

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Someone who is smarter than the average person does not mind admitting when they don’t know something. They never overestimate their knowledge and understand that a person can’t know everything. In fact, they even recognise their own limitations as a sign of intelligence.

Being The Firstborn

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A firstborn child is known for having higher intelligence levels. An article from The Guardian states researchers found that firstborn children “scored higher on tests including reading, matching letters, names, reading single words aloud and picture vocabulary tests.” This is usually due to the older sibling having more responsibilities.

Sense of Humor

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The ability to create jokes and understand humor shows higher levels of intelligence. This is because you need quick thinking to come up with a joke. It also allows you to understand complex concepts, which can sometimes be needed when it comes to humor.

Talking to Yourself

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While some may call it insane, talking to yourself is actually considered to make you more intelligent than the average person. A BBC article writes “Self-talk can help memory recall, confidence, focus and more.” It allows us to organize our thoughts, giving us a higher level of cognitive function.

Being Left-Handed

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Being left-handed means a person has a more divergent way of thinking and is usually more creative. They can combine different concepts and have a better cognitive processing style compared to right-handers. Live Science says “Left-handers possess a significantly larger corpus callosum – the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two hemispheres of the brain.”

Being Tall

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Studies have shown that those who are taller also seem to have higher IQs. Taller individuals are also known to have higher salaries than those who are shorter. NBC News writes “A height advantage of four inches equated with a ten per cent increase in wages.” This is down to a link in the physical and cognitive growth of a person.

Early Reading Ability

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Those who were able to read at an earlier age usually have higher cognitive abilities, making them smarter than the average person. This is because reading at a young age boosts verbal and non-verbal skills. It helps the brain to learn things quicker and expand its comprehension skills.

High Levels of Anxiety

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Suffering from anxiety can be an indication that a person has above-average intelligence. Anxiety means the brain is highly active and can be more perceptive. Supporting this, PsychCentral says those who are more intelligent are more likely to suffer from mood disorders, ADHD and autism. Anxiety can be linked to a person’s ability to consider different scenarios and outcomes.

Difficulty with Background Noise

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A sign of being smarter than the average person is that background noises can become annoying. This difficulty can be linked with creative problem-solving as it shows that a person can concentrate on more than one thing at once. Some even say it could show signs of being a creative genius.

Enjoys Alone Time

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Those who prefer to be alone are known for being smarter than the average person. This is because it shows that a person is self-sufficient and is able to reflect on different scenarios. Enjoying the quietness that comes with solitude shows that a person has a well-developed inner world.

A Night Owl

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Night owls are known to have higher IQs, in fact scientific research proves it. It shows that a person prefers the quiet and that being alone heightens their productivity. Those who work through the night are much more likely to be smarter than the average person.

An Introvert

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Those who are introverts often think more deeply, making them more intelligent than the average person. If a person doesn’t enjoy social interactions then this can be a sign that they have a more reflective nature. Many studies have shown that introverts are more likely to be gifted.

Pattern Recognition

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Where many see randomness, a person with high intelligence will be able to see patterns. It shows that an individual is open-minded and has a natural flair for solving problems. Being able to connect unrelated subjects shows that a person has a much higher level of intelligence compared to the average person.

Emotional Sensitivity

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If a person has a higher emotional sensitivity than others then it can indicate that they’re smarter than the average person. It means a person with a high level of emotional intelligence can deeply sympathize with others. Having emotional intelligence is often a trait that’s reflected in smarter people.


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