17 Subtle Signs That Someone Is Rich

Wondering how to spot a millionaire in a crowd? It’s not all about flashy cars and designer labels. This article unveils 17 subtle signs that someone has money. From the way they dress to the people they surround themselves with, the signs are as intriguing as they are surprising.

They Hold Premium Credit Cards

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One sign that someone is wealthy is the card they pull out of their wallet. If you know someone who uses credit cards that are heavier and distinct in color—such as metal cards, often in black or gold—this is a subtle indicator of their financial status. As shared by Forbes, metal cards symbolize “premium, elite status.”

They Are Well-Connected

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While anyone can be well-connected, this is more common among the wealthy. If you know someone with a vast and diverse network who recognizes the value of strong relationships and networks for opportunities and collaborative ventures, this is a sign that they are rich.

They Are Financially Literate

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When someone is well-informed about financial matters, often makes educated investment decisions, and places a focus on long-term financial planning and wealth building, they likely have money (or are on their way). Brendan Kenalty on LinkedIn says, “​​Financial literacy is the key to unlocking greater wealth and increasing personal net worth.”

They Are Discreet About Cost of Living Discussions

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You often won’t hear a rich person chiming in on this type of discussion because they can’t relate to it. They may avoid discussing personal expenses and steer conversations away from financial topics out of discomfort. They’ll also likely maintain their privacy about financial matters.

They Wear Clothing Without Brand Identification

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It’s said that those who are truly rich prefer “quiet luxury,” as shared by Glamour Magazine. This means that the wealthy are “adopters of a subtle dress code that exudes luxury without the obvious markers, such as excessive logos, big name brands and the trending shapes and styles that everyone else is wearing.” Rich people tend to value comfort and quality over brand recognition.

They Don’t Flaunt Their Wealth

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Those who are truly wealthy typically don’t try to flaunt it. Instead, they may avoid overt displays of wealth and even prefer modesty over extravagance. Wealth may not be evident in their lifestyle, so you’ll have to use the other signs in this article to help you figure it out!

They Pay Bills Without Fuss

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Most people these days stop to consider the price of whatever item they’re buying or what they’re ordering at a restaurant. Groups also tend to spend time dividing up the bill when dining out. If you know someone who handles financial transactions smoothly, doesn’t make a scene while paying, offers to cover everyone, or shows ease in managing expenses, this is a sign that they’re wealthy.

They Are Spontaneous in Their Decision-Making

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Being able to say yes straight away whenever anyone suggests going on a trip, going out to eat, or doing an activity shows that someone has financial freedom. Because they don’t have to think twice about how to fund something, they can be spontaneous with their decision-making, indicating a lack of financial constraints.

They Are Unaware of Everyday Prices

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Nothing says someone doesn’t have to worry about money like them not knowing the cost of common, everyday items. This is because they never have to check the price. Rich people are often detached from the day-to-day financial concerns that most people face, indicating a background where money is not a constant worry.

They Take Care of Problems Immediately

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Unlike most people, who may delay going to see a doctor or wait until payday to get their car fixed, rich people are able to address issues without delay due to having no financial constraints. This applies to home maintenance, healthcare, legal problems, and so on. A wealthy individual will prioritize solutions over cost.

They Have a Perfect Smile

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Those who have been raised wealthy tend to have perfectly straight, white teeth. This is because their parents (and subsequently the individual themself) could afford to go to the dentist multiple times a year and can pay for treatment and cosmetic work with ease, unlike others who may not have had the luxury.

They Keep Their Circle Small

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A subtle sign that someone is wealthy is that they’ll likely have a small friendship circle and can be selective about who they let in. Business Insider shares, “One of the hallmarks of wealthy, successful people was their ability to somehow break free of the human tendency to unconsciously forge relationships with others.”

They Partake in Expensive Hobbies

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While you don’t have to be rich to have an expensive hobby, wealthy people tend to have a lot of them. For example, a rich person may spend their winters skiing, their summers sailing, and their weekends on golf trips or spiritual retreats. If they regularly travel to do these things, then that’s even more of a sign that they have money.

They Prefer Quality Over Quantity

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A rich person is likely to choose fewer, higher-quality items rather than gathering many lower-quality ones. The wealthy tend to value expensive, long-lasting goods over cheaper, disposable ones. This approach extends to everything from clothing to cars.

They Engage in Philanthropic Activities

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A classic sign that someone is rich is that they are often involved in charitable causes or regularly donate. While most people wish to do this, unfortunately, it’s not possible for those struggling with money themselves. A rich person is able to do this, however, and may view their wealth as a means to help others.

They Don’t Check Prices on Menus

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This may go without saying, but a wealthy person is not likely to check prices before deciding on what they want to eat or drink. Unlike the rest of us, who may have to plan ahead or can’t afford a dessert, a rich person will order without considering the cost, indicating that they’re accustomed to not worrying about prices.

They Are Not Frugal With Money

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As shared by Nasdaq, “For individuals with significant financial resources, the pursuit of minor savings through tactics like using cash-back apps or driving farther for cheaper gas prices can inadvertently contribute to a scarcity mindset,” which the rich tend to avoid. Rich people are often generous rather than frugal and show a relaxed attitude toward finances.

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