17 Non-Negotiables Men of Integrity Refuse to Compromise On

A man with integrity has strong moral principles—there are just some things that he would never do. In this article, we’ll find out the top 17 things that damage a man’s integrity.


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A study by Cross River Therapy showed that of 11,366 lies told by 632 people over 91 days, 75% of them lied between 0 and 2 times per day. A man with integrity, however, will not lie to his partner, his friends, or his family.

Participate in Violence

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According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all violent crimes. Women between the ages of 18 and 24 are most commonly abused by an intimate partner. A good man will never be abusive toward his partner.


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In a study by Time Magazine, 15% of the conversations analyzed were negative gossip. Gossip is another destructive habit that a man with integrity will avoid engaging in. He’ll try to turn a negative conversation into one that’s positive, and if he can’t, he won’t be afraid to leave the room.

Be Verbally Abusive

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Statistics from Very Well Health suggest that 12.1% of women and 17.3% of men experience verbal abuse in romantic relationships. But a man who respects his partner, family, and friends won’t be verbally abusive toward them. He will control not only what he says but also how he says it.

Deceive Others

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Deceiving is different from lying, as you aren’t saying something untrue, but you’re leading someone to the wrong conclusion and not correcting their erroneous thoughts. A good man will not deceive others but will always be upfront and trustworthy with everyone he meets.

Be Selfish

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According to Big Think, psychologists like F. Diane Barth define selfishness as “having no regard for the needs or feelings of others.” A man of integrity will not be selfish. Rather, he’ll think of others and put them in first place. He won’t demand to always have his way.

Ignore Advice

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A man who values integrity won’t ignore advice when it’s given to him. He recognizes that he’s prone to making mistakes and could use counsel to become a better person. He genuinely listens when others speak to him, and he thanks them for their candor.

View Suggestive Material

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A man of integrity will not entertain himself with suggestive material, whether that be in images, videos, or even recordings. Instead, he’ll respect his partner and work hard to strengthen their relationship. He’ll reject any kind of inappropriate material, even when he’s alone.


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Psychology Today says that a habitual thief may suffer from a compulsion (“kleptomania”). But no matter his circumstances, a wholesome man will never steal. He would never take something, even a small thing, from someone, no matter how well off the person might be or how little the item would be missed.


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A good man will not spend time fantasizing about anyone other than his partner. He will treat his other half with respect, even in the one place that no one can see into—his mind. He will treat them the way that he would like to be treated.

Be Dishonest

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A good man will be honest at all times. He won’t engage in any questionable business practices to make more money. He would never exploit anyone or swindle them out of their money. Instead, he would work hard for the money he has.

Be Irresponsible

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A wholesome man is not irresponsible. He works hard for his money and does not spend it frivolously. He’ll save his money and pay for the things that he owes before spending it on pleasures, and he’ll ensure that his family is well taken care of.

Become Overly Friendly

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Becoming overly friendly with the people you work with is one of the ways people let their guard down and begin flirting. A man with integrity will talk frankly about his commitment to his partner to anyone who oversteps the line.

Speak Badly About Others

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A man who values integrity won’t speak badly about others, especially not about his partner. Instead, he’ll look for opportunities to defend his friends and those he loves when others speak negatively about them. He won’t embarrass his partner in front of others.

Be Two-Faced

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Men with integrity won’t be two-faced. That means they won’t act one way when they’re in public or in front of their friends and family and then another way when they’re behind closed doors. A man with integrity always treats his partner right

Be Disrespectful

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A wholesome man is never disrespectful. He doesn’t look down on others or act like their opinions aren’t important. He is respectful to all, especially toward women and those who are older than him or hold positions of authority.

Ignore Injustice

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A man who values integrity will not ignore injustice. When he sees someone vulnerable being treated poorly, he’ll stand up for that person and not turn a blind eye to it. If necessary, he’ll take the issue further and make sure that justice is done.

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