17 Things That Disciplined People Just Don’t Do But Others Will

Disciplined people behave in a way that is very distinct from everyone else. In this article, you’ll find 17 things that disciplined people will never do that others will.

Impulse Buy

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According to Fit Small Business, nearly three out of four Americans make most purchases impulsively. A disciplined person, on the other hand, will not buy things on a whim. Rather, they will stick to a list when shopping and only purchase the things they need.

Delay Tasks

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The statistics from Zippia say that 20–25% of people procrastinate chronically, and 88% of workers procrastinate 60+ minutes daily on the job. However, a person who is disciplined will not delay tasks or procrastinate. They’ll see the importance of organizing themselves to complete tasks promptly and on time.

Overuse Social Media

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According to the latest available data from Exploding Topics, people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day. People who are disciplined, however, do not waste time on social media. They’re balanced and check social media only briefly and when they have time.

Ignore Their Budget

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A person who is disciplined will not ignore their budget when shopping. They will consult it carefully and try their best to stick to it. If a disciplined person has money left over at the end of the month, they’ll spend some of it and save the rest.

Watch Too Much TV

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According to the Marketing Charts, during Q4 2022, the average U.S. adult spent 294 minutes per day watching TV. A disciplined person won’t spend too much time watching TV when they have other responsibilities to care for. They’ll think of watching TV as a reward, not a necessity.

Play Too Many Video Games

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The statistics from CenturyLinkQuote say that Americans in 2022 spent, on average, 8–12 hours per week on gaming. Around 6% of Americans report regularly marathoning games for more than 13 hours. A disciplined person, on the other hand, will set limits for themselves and will only play video games in moderation.


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The NPR says that we gossip for about 52 minutes a day. A disciplined person, however, won’t engage in harmful gossip. They won’t hold back from trying to change a conversation that’s negative and will not be afraid to leave the room altogether if they don’t succeed.

Expect Perfection

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People who aren’t disciplined tend to expect perfection from themselves and feel frustrated when they aren’t able to live up to their own high standards. However, disciplined people are reasonable with themselves and recognize their limitations. They know they’re not perfect and don’t try to be.

Self Criticize

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Those who are self-disciplined aren’t overly critical of themselves. They recognize how damaging it can be when they spend too much time looking at their defects and comparing themselves to others, and they avoid these behaviors. They value their many strengths and accept their weaknesses.

Be Pessimistic

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If you’re a self-disciplined person, you’ll avoid pessimistic thoughts. Instead of thinking about the worst possible outcomes of a situation, you’ll look on the bright side. Not only will you be positive with yourself, but you’ll also share your positive outlook on life with others.

Avoid Doing Exercise

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A person who lacks self-discipline won’t look after their body. They won’t see the importance of sticking to an exercise routine. But a person with such discipline will. They’ll ensure they get enough exercise each week and stick to a good routine.

Eat Poorly

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A person who lacks self-discipline won’t watch what they eat. They’ll eat large quantities of food and consume the wrong types of food, putting a lot of strain on their bodies. People who do value self-discipline, however, will eat healthily and keep an eye on their portion sizes.

Neglect Sleep

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People who lack discipline don’t get enough sleep. They cram too much into their day or waste time doing things that aren’t important. As a result, they don’t get enough sleep. Self-disciplined people, on the other hand, organize their day well so they can get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Blame Others

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If you lack discipline, you might tend to blame others for the bad decisions you make. But this is not the course of a disciplined person. This kind of person will take responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether the outcomes are good or bad.

Ignore Goals

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A person who lacks self-discipline won’t set goals for themselves. If they do have goals, they will ignore the need to reach them. By contrast, those who are disciplined set new goals and have these at the forefront of their minds.

Waste Time

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A person who is disciplined won’t waste time on unimportant matters. They’ll recognize that time is money and that it’s something we can’t get back. A disciplined person allocates his or her time to doing important things before engaging in recreational activities.

Delay Decision-Making

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A disciplined person will see the importance of making decisions on time. Although they won’t make a rash decision, they also won’t labor over a decision or put off coming to a conclusion. They know that decisions have consequences and are very careful about what they decide. CF

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