17 Things We Didn’t Want to Do As Kids but Now Understand the Value of

There are many things we struggle to see the value of when we are kids but really appreciate as adults. You’ll find 17 examples of these things in this article.

Going to School

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The figures from We Are Teachers show that “all together, there are 115,576 schools in the United States.” Millions of children enter these schools every day. Going to school can often seem like a chore for children. But as adults, we see the value of having a good education.


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“A typical study points out that many of us spend 70 to 80 percent of our time in some form of communication,” says MOspace Institutional Repository. But as kids, we would rather spend time playing than chatting. We only see the real benefits of good conversation when we get older.

Hand Washing

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we should wash our hands for 20 seconds, ensuring we lather the backs of our hands, between our fingers, and under our nails. When we were children, however, we didn’t see the importance of washing our hands and how this could prevent disease.

Eating Healthily

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“Childhood obesity is a serious health problem in the United States, where 1 in 5 children and adolescents are affected,” reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is due to the fact that children are eating the wrong foods and are not exercising enough. But unlike adults, kids love to choose candy over real food.

Washing the Dishes

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Kids usually hate washing the dishes or loading and unloading the dishwasher. This is a job that you have to fight for them to do each day. But having clean dishware on hand at any given moment is a necessity that we only understand when we get older.


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Some children find reading boring. They would prefer to be out and about playing than sitting down with their noses in a book. But many adults, on the other hand, find reading a relaxing pastime that they enjoy. In fact, “the average American reads 12.6 books per year,” says Words Rated.

Tidying Your Room

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Another chore that kids usually loathe is tidying their rooms. Doing so seems like a complete waste of time and energy that could be better spent playing. But as adults, we take pride in our living spaces and see the hygienic and practical benefits of keeping the bedroom tidy.

Saving Money

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When we are children, we cannot wait to spend every dollar we are given on treats and toys. Our piggy banks, while we are young, are usually empty. But as adults, we see the value of saving our money, putting something away for a rainy day, and cautiously spending money and waiting for good deals.

Showering Regularly

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According to statistics from Harvard Health, “approximately two-thirds of Americans shower daily.” But getting a child to shower regularly is very difficult. Children usually whine and complain when they hear it’s shower time. It is only when we reach adulthood that we see the value of showering frequently.

Making the Bed

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How many children do you know who enjoy making their beds? That’s right, this chore, along with many others, seems to be completely nonsensical to a child. Why make the bed when you are going to get back in it? Making the bed keeps the room tidy, something we only appreciate as adults.

Taking Responsibility

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Children find it hard to take responsibility for their actions, especially when they are negative. They are often tempted to blame someone or something else, even when others can see through their lies. As adults, however, we see the importance of admitting our mistakes and taking responsibility for our actions.


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Some children, especially teenagers, loathe exercising. Gym class in school seems like torture. It is only when we get older that we see the value of working out. Doing so helps to keep your body in shape, but it is also good for your mental health.

Making Decisions

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When we are children, we rely on others to make decisions for us. We simply don’t know how to make decisions that will benefit us at a young age. But when we get older, we start making decisions by ourselves. We understand that this is the mature thing to do.

Brushing Teeth

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Many children grumble when you tell them they have to brush their teeth. They simply don’t see brushing their teeth as an important task. As adults, we view dental hygiene as essential and are rather offended when someone skips looking after their teeth.

Listening to Advice

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While we are youths, we often think that we know it all and are reluctant to listen to advice from others. But as we get older, we see the importance of listening to others and putting their suggestions into practice. We ask others for advice before making important decisions.

Saying Thank You

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Parents are always having to remind their children to say thank you so that they will grow into grateful adults. But when we are grown, we see the importance of showing gratitude and do not need to be reminded to do so. Being thankful is something we enjoy doing.


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As kids, we might struggle to share. We want the lion’s share of everything and don’t like giving to others. But when we get older, we see the happiness that comes from sharing and giving to others. This compels us to be generous with our friends and family.

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