17 Weirdest World Records Held by Americans

Interested in the weird and wacky world of American Guinness World Records? From the oldest male stripper to the loudest burp, we’ve uncovered 17 odd achievements made by those in the United States. Get ready for a showcase of the quirky, the strange, and the downright astonishing!

Fastest Time to Find and Alphabetize Letters in Alphabet Soup

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In 2022, Jacob Chandler from Oregon accomplished this new record in 2 minutes and 8.6 seconds. He trained himself beforehand to distinguish subtle differences between letters like “M” and “W.” His reason for attempting the record? An effort to impress his son, Brycen.

Farthest Tightrope Walk in High Heels

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This record was achieved by Vermont teenager Ariana Wunderle, covering a distance of 639 feet and 7 inches. Shockingly, she performed this feat in high school, breaking the previous record by a significant margin. Ariana grew up in a circus-performing family and was a part of Circus Smirkus between the ages of two and 18, according to Guinness World Records.

Fastest Time to Eat 10 Carolina Reaper Chilies

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In September 2022, Gregory Foster from California consumed 10 of these chilies in just 33.15 seconds. Carolina Reaper chilies are known as one of the world’s hottest peppers, so this was no easy feat. Foster had previously eaten three Carolina reapers in 8.72 seconds.

Longest Journey by Pumpkin Boat (Paddling)

Photo Credit: Patrick Hatt/Shutterstock.

As shared by Guinness World Records, “The longest journey by pumpkin boat (paddling) is 63.04 km (39.17 mi), and was achieved by Steve Kueny (USA), in Kansas City, Kansas, USA, on 8 October 2023.” The previous record was set by Duane Hansen, who paddled in a hollowed-out pumpkin for 37.50 miles on the Missouri River.

Shortest Woman to Give Birth

Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock.

The next weird world record was set by Stacey Herald from Kentucky, who is only 28.5 inches tall. In 2006, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl via a cesarean section in Dry Ridge. Her record highlights that creating a family has no height requirement.

Largest Macaroni and Cheese

Photo Credit: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.

As reported by Guinness World Records, “the largest macaroni and cheese weighs 2,151 kg (4,742 lb 2.29 oz), achieved by Schreiber Foods Inc. (USA) in Logan, Utah, USA, on 29 July 2022.” The previous record was made in New Orleans by Cabot Creamery Cooperative and Chef John Folse and Company, weighing 1,902 pounds.

Most Corn Husked in a Minute

Photo Credit: litchima/Shutterstock.

In 2015, Michael Diggins Jr. from Scarborough, Maine, managed to husk 13 corn cobs in a single minute, displaying his remarkable speed and efficiency in food preparation. Diggins is the first (and only) record-holder for this strange achievement.

Largest Crab Cake

Photo Credit: CavenderCreekPhotography/Shutterstock.

The world’s largest crab cake was created in Timonium, Maryland, in 2012. It weighed an enormous 300 pounds! The company responsible for the giant creation was Handy International Incorporated, using Maryland blue crab meat. The record is a nod to Maryland’s culinary tradition with crab.

Oldest Male Stripper

Photo Credit: AboutLife/Shutterstock.

Bernard (Bernie) Baker switched careers from real estate to erotic dancing at age 60 after recovering from cancer. He won over 40 competitions for his dancing and claimed the record for being the oldest male stripper. Sadly, Baker passed away shortly after his 66th birthday—but he still holds the record.

The Longest Tongue

Photo Credit: AboutLife/Shutterstock.

Since 2012, Nick Stoeberl has held the record for the world’s longest tongue, measuring an impressive 3.97 inches. His tongue has garnered him significant attention, even allowing him to lick his elbow! As shared by NDTV, Nick is even able to paint with his tongue!

Most Canned Drinks Opened by a Parrot

Photo Credit: John And Penny/Shutterstock.

Achieved by Zac the Macaw, who opened 35 canned drinks in a minute, this record is a unique feat for an animal. The record was set in January 2012 and has remained Zac’s ever since. His proud owner assisted him in this peculiar challenge.

Loudest Burp

Photo Credit: Wonderplay/Shutterstock.

This unusual record is a testament to the unique capabilities of human vocalization. Kimberly Winter from Maryland broke this record in 2023, “narrowly breaking the record which had stood for 14 years,” according to Guinness World Records. The burp was 107.3 decibels!

Farthest Distance to Blow a Pea

Photo Credit: SherSor/Shutterstock.

David Rush from the U.S. blew a pea an enormous distance of 84 feet and 11.28 inches in October 2022. Rush has broken multiple records, including this one, which he previously held. He recaptured the title after it was broken at least three times by others.

Most Bobby Pins in a Beard

Photo Credit: Rifad/Shutterstock.

California hairstylist Dean Banowetz, known as the Hollywood Hair Guy, holds this record. He managed to fit an astonishing 4,831 bobby pins in his beard, setting the record on July 21, 2021. According to SurvivorNet, he did so to raise money for his late best friend’s family.

Largest Collection of Hair From Historical Figures

Photo Credit: Anzhela Shvab/Shutterstock.

John Reznikoff from Connecticut holds the record for the largest collection of hair from historical figures. His collection includes hair from 115 different people, including notable figures like Elvis Presley, Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, and King Charles I. This unique collection showcases a wide array of historical figures’ tresses.

Most Tea Bags Thrown Into Mugs in 30 Seconds

Photo Credit: Lestertair/Shutterstock.

You may think this record ought to have been achieved by a Brit, but it was actually done by Dan Douglas of Jefferson, Massachusetts. He set the record by throwing 13 tea bags into mugs in April 2022, combining precision and speed in a unique challenge.

Largest Yo-Yo

Photo Credit: stacyarturogi/Shutterstock.

According to the World Record Academy, in California lies “a giant wooden yoyo, made of California Sugar pine, Baltic birch and Hardrock Maple, which has a 5.5 foot diameter, with a 75 foot string and weighs 250 pounds.” The yo-yo was created by Dr. Tom Kuhn.

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