18 Most Annoying Things Bad Neighbors Do

Do you have a bad neighbor? In this article, we’ve listed 18 things that bad neighbors do. Take a look at some of their annoying actions.

Play Loud Music

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One of the most irritating things that bad neighbors do is play very loud music. According to Sound Fighter Systems, “Any noise that exceeds 80 decibels is considered excessive and potentially harmful to one’s health.” Neighbors who play loud music for hours on end are not very popular. 

Dangerous Dogs

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The dog attack statistics from Forbes show that “every year, an estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States.” Bad neighbors often have a dangerous dog that they don’t keep on the leash. They have no concern for the safety of others. 


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Home Advisor says that most households in the U.S. “pay between $30 and $50 per month for trash removal services.” But is there a house on your street where trash is piling up in the front and backyard? No one wants to see that. 


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Do you see pests such as rats and mice coming from the direction of your neighbor’s home? “Rats enter homes for the same reasons as any other animal: food, water, and shelter,” says Realtor.com. If your neighbor has rats, it’s likely because the living conditions inside or around the home are unsanitary. 

Park Badly

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Do you live in an area where parking spaces are hard to find? Then I’m sure you appreciate it when your neighbors park considerately, leaving space for others. Neighbors who purposefully and habitually park badly and hog all the space on the road are very annoying. 

Ignore Boundaries

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According to Today’s Homeowner, “the current national average yard size is 23,301 square feet, or a half an acre.” That’s right—more than enough space to play with. Bad neighbors, however, do not respect these boundaries. They allow their plants to grow into other people’s yard space and build structures that overlap into other people’s spaces.

Disrupt Your Sleep

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Neighbors who disrupt your sleep by talking loudly or playing music during the early hours of the morning are not wanted. These people have no consideration for others. As long as they are having a good time, they don’t care who has to suffer as a consequence.

Neglect Landscaping

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We all take pride in the places we live and make sure they are neat and clean. To that end, we keep our lawns well-trimmed and tidy our yards periodically. A neighbor who leaves their yard looking abandoned and never does any landscaping brings down the image of the community. 

Barking Dogs

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Some neighbors let their dogs bark continuously, and it can be heard next door. Their dogs bark all day and all through the night, and no one tries to get them to settle down. Neighbors like this are very inconsiderate of how their dogs are affecting others on the street.  

Blocking Driveways

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Does a neighbor on your street often block your driveway with their car? They might not think much of it, but in reality, blocking someone’s driveway is very inconsiderate. No one wants to have neighbors who do not care about others and don’t pay attention when parking their vehicles. 

Dog Feces

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Does your neighbor let their dog run free? As a result, does it defecate in other people’s yards? Having to pick up after a dog that isn’t yours is unfair. Neighbors must be considerate of others and pick up after their dogs when they defecate. 


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There’s nothing wrong with having a gathering once in a while, but we all know that house along the street that has been labeled the “party” house. This house plays loud music all the time and has people noisily arriving and leaving the premises at all hours of the day and night. 

Disruptive Behavior

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Bad neighbors are those who participate in disruptive behavior that makes others on the street feel uncomfortable and annoyed. This includes shouting, engaging in violence, spitting, or public urination. Others may frequently need to call the police to report these neighbors. This behavior is really unacceptable.

Invading Privacy

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Do you have a neighbor who is constantly peering through your windows, touching things in your yard, and entering your property? Then this is an invasion of your privacy and is very unpleasant. Neighbors who don’t know their boundaries can be very disconcerting to live near. 

Neighborhood Watch

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A good neighbor is someone who looks out for others and will report any suspicious behavior when they see it. If the neighbors in your community all look out for one another, it can be very pleasant. But if your neighbors are uninterested in what is happening with others, it can be very isolating.

Poor Driving

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A neighbor who drives recklessly around the neighborhood is a hazard. If your neighbor drives above the speed limit in a pedestrian area, this could put others at risk. This is especially serious when there are families with young children living in your community who could be in danger. 

Addictive Behavior

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Neighbors who abuse substances are also very difficult to live near. One person who participates in this addictive behavior will attract another. This can lead to substance dealing and a generally uneasy living environment, which will cause fear and anxiety for everyone on the street. 


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A neighbor who vandalizes public or communal spaces is never well received. This person might deface walls or fences with graffiti. They may even deface other people’s property. These behaviors damage the community spirit and create a sense of insecurity and distrust among everyone in the neighborhood.

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