18 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

If you find yourself having vivid or recurring dreams that you can’t quite understand the reasons behind, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover 18 of the most common dreams (or nightmares) people have and what they really mean on a subconscious level.


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Whether it’s falling off a ladder or falling over on the street, it’s pretty common to dream that you’re falling. This dream is often linked to feeling out of control in your life—it can symbolize anxieties about failure or an inability to manage certain aspects of your life. The falling dream often happens to those experiencing major life problems.

Teeth Falling Out

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A “teeth falling out” dream can be a horrible experience, so you’ll likely want to know why you keep having them. This type of dream can represent concerns over power and confidence and can indicate fear of embarrassment or feeling powerless in a situation. It’s sometimes associated with personal loss or a fear of aging as well.

Showing Up to Work or School Naked

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According to HuffPost, “Most psychologists agree it probably doesn’t represent a literal desire to be naked in public, but more likely is related to being embarrassed about something about yourself that other people don’t know about you.” This type of dream highlights feelings of vulnerability and anxiety and is common in people taking on new responsibilities. It can also reflect a fear of being judged or exposed.


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If you’ve been dreaming about taking tests, this is likely the reason: you’re feeling stress or pressure from the work or life situations you have going on right now. This dream is associated with perfectionism or fear of failure and can also indicate a need for alertness or preparation.


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This type of dream can be alarming, but don’t fret—dreaming about dying is not necessarily negative; it can mean a new start or opportunity is coming for you. It can also symbolize a desire for change or the end of something in life. As dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg shares, “The subconscious will show us this change in the form of a death so we can better understand the finality of it.”

Meeting a Celebrity

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Meeting a celebrity in a dream can be so exciting that you may even feel disappointed when you wake up—but why do these dreams occur? Dreaming of celebrities can be tied to your personal ambitions and talents. It reflects your admiration or aspirations for recognition and can be a mirror of your own desire for success.

Being Chased

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Healthline explains that if you’re frequently dreaming about being chased, you may be “anxious about something, experiencing heightened or ongoing stress, worried about an upcoming event, wishing to avoid something you’d rather not face, or overwhelmed with responsibilities.” On the other hand, the odd dream about being chased may be because you’ve just watched a horror movie.

Partner Cheating

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Dreams about your partner cheating can be very upsetting, but you may not experience much relief upon waking because you’re worried that this could be happening in real life. Well, you can relax, because “partner cheating” dreams are not necessarily a prediction of infidelity. Instead, they’re seen as reflecting your insecurities or trust issues in the relationship. These dreams are often linked to feelings of neglect or emotional distance.

Showing Up Late

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If you’re having dreams about showing up late to places, this could suggest that you’re feeling overwhelmed or overcommitted in real life. This type of dream also represents a fear of missing out or failing to meet expectations and indicates stress about keeping promises or commitments.


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According to Dreams, “Flying in a dream often represents a sense of liberation, breaking free from limitations, and experiencing a newfound sense of independence. It may reflect a desire for freedom in your waking life or a sense of empowerment.” It can also indicate control issues or a need to let go.

Being Pregnant

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Dreaming of being pregnant can be a heartwarming or nerve-wracking experience. You could be having this type of dream because you have a desire for parenthood or nurturing, or the dream itself could be a reflection of your creativity, growth, and development. It could even symbolize a new idea or project.

Driving an Out-of-Control Vehicle

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This is a terrifying dream that may represent feelings of losing control in life. It can also highlight a fear of failure or not reaching your goals. Driving out-of-control vehicle dreams can symbolize reckless behavior or bad habits that you’re partaking in as well.

Embarrassing Yourself in Public

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If you’re having repeated dreams about embarrassing yourself in front of others, Café au Soul explains, “Dreams push you out of your comfort zone so that you can be who you are—independent of what others think of you.” While this dream may symbolize insecurities and fear of judgment, it encourages facing your fears and embracing your true self.

Ghosts and Monsters

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Another terrifying dream, this one can indicate a fear of the unknown or change. Dreaming of ghosts or monsters may also represent your internal fears and anxieties, though you should take it as an encouragement to face negative emotions and personal growth.


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If you have a fear of snakes, then this type of dream is particularly unpleasant. It can symbolize hidden threats or betrayal, but it can also represent transformation, healing, or renewal. Snake dreams are often linked to fears or subconscious worries. According to VeryWell Mind, dreams about snakes may also represent temptation or desire.

Cheating on Your Partner

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Dreams about cheating on your partner can reflect your doubts about the relationship or your sense of self-worth. These dreams can also indicate feelings of guilt or a fear of being inadequate. If you keep having these dreams, take them as a sign to address any issues in the relationship.

Being Trapped

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If you find yourself being trapped in dreams, this may represent feeling stuck or restricted in a situation in waking life. It can also indicate a lack of freedom or autonomy in decision-making or a need to break free from limiting beliefs or situations.

Missing a Flight or Transportation

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This can be an incredibly stressful dream, one that may reflect your feelings of missing out on important opportunities in life. This type of dream can also indicate anxiety about not being able to keep up with expectations or deadlines, a fear of failure, or not achieving your goals.

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