18 Reasons Why Getting Older Is So Hard

Getting older in today’s world is a challenge that no one seems to want to discuss. From society’s expectations and social responsibilities to the body’s natural process of aging, it can sometimes be difficult to get old. You’ll find 18 reasons why in this article.

Society’s Expectations

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Society puts age brackets on everything. And if you haven’t completed the task by a certain age, you begin to feel like you’re not succeeding in life. According to The Zebra, in 2022, the average age of first-time homebuyers in the U.S. was 36. Trying to keep up with what society expects you to do is exhausting.

Advertising Attention

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Marketplace says that for decades, the 18-to-34 age group has been considered especially valuable to advertisers. So, once you pass this age bracket, there is less advertising attention focused on you. The reduced attention all of a sudden can make you feel unwanted or out of fashion as far as the media is concerned.


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Aging is a process that we can’t ignore and becomes more obvious with each passing year. WebMD says that your mind and body change as you age. The process starts somewhere in your 30s. Cells begin to die off. Going through this process can be a shock to the system.


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There’s no doubt about it—with more age comes more responsibility. Although this isn’t a bad thing, it can be stressful. The older you get, the more people will expect from you. They want you not just to complete the job, but to get it done well.


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It can be harder to get hired for jobs as you get older. This is because companies prefer to hire younger people, as they understand that the younger the recruit, the easier it is to motivate them, according to LinkedIn. Yes, youth is often valued more than wisdom in the workplace.


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As much as you’d love to participate in all the activities you did before, it simply isn’t possible when you get older. Your energy levels deplete faster, and this can be hard to accept. It can be frustrating to think about everything you used to do in comparison with what you can do now.


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According to the World Population Review, 166,859 people will die each day in 2024. As you go through life, you will lose many people to death. This can become especially difficult as you get older and lose your parents to death. This is one of the hardest moments in life.

Your Expectations

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Another reason why getting older is hard is because of our own expectations. We often think that we have to have done certain things by a certain age, and when we don’t meet those expectations, we feel disappointed in ourselves. Our own high standards make us feel like failures.


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The National Institute on Aging says that as people grow older, some notice that they don’t remember information as well as they once did and aren’t able to recall it as quickly. Yes, losing your memory is just part of getting older, and this is extremely frustrating.

Future Planning

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As we get older, the need to start planning for the future becomes more and more urgent. Retirement plans and saving for increasing health costs are too-true realities. Planning for the future can seem daunting and makes us worry about whether we’ll have enough to live on when we’re older.


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The older we get, the easier it is to become isolated. When we retire from work, our social circle becomes smaller, and we leave the house less often. Since others are still working, we can find ourselves on our own during the day, and that can become boring.

Changing Relationships

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As we get older, our relationships change. In the past, our parents looked after us. But we might now find ourselves in a position where we have to look after them. Our partner may become dependent on us after an accident or suffering from an illness.

Family Pressure

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As we get older, we’ll receive pressure from our families to leave them something when we pass. Of course, we all want to help our families out, but if we don’t get the right balance, we could end up upsetting some of our family members.

General Health

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As we get older, we become more and more concerned about our health. This is because we are more likely to develop illnesses in our old age. Thinking about our current health situation and comparing it with how we used to feel can be depressing.


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Technology is always advancing, and things seem to be changing at a faster pace than ever before. As we get older, it can become more difficult for us to adapt to these new changes, as there are so many things to learn and get the hang of.


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The older we get, the more social stereotypes we have to face and either conform to and be accepted by society or ignore and feel judged. Society likes to put labels on things and dictate what you can and can’t wear or can or can’t do once you reach a certain age.

Identity Loss

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Getting made redundant from a job we’ve worked at for years or retiring can make us feel like we’ve lost our identity. The one thing that was stable in our lives has disappeared and we now feel like we have to find ourselves all over again.

Mobility Issues

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One of the most difficult things to accept as we get older is a loss of mobility. We struggle to accept that we can do less now than we could before. It takes us longer to do things, and simple movements might bring us pain.

If you want to talk to someone regarding how you’re feeling about aging, reach out to the Crisis Text Line any time at 741741.

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