18 Reasons Why People Love Animals So Much

We all admire animals for their endurance, unconditional love, and distinct personalities and it this post you’ll find 18 reasons to fall in love with an animal today.

They Love Unconditionally

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Animals do not have preferences like humans do, and they love their owners unconditionally, no matter their ethnicity. USA Today says that only about 14% of Americans say racism is not a problem. Yes, humans are still having trouble accepting and loving people of all races.

They Travel Instinctively

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Each year, over the course of a few generations, monarchs make an incredible journey across North America to overwintering sites in Mexico and California, says Monarch Joint Venture. Unlike us humans, these butterflies travel without the use of a GPS device, even though their brains are tiny.

They Are Energy Efficient

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The way that birds use energy is very efficient, leaving much to be learned by us humans. Birds Connect Seattle agrees, noting how “flying in a V formation takes advantage of the upwash of air generated by the wings of the [bird] in front, reducing drag and conserving… energy.”

They Don’t Worry About the Past

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Animals live for the here and now. They do not spend time worrying about the past, thinking about the things that went wrong, and contemplating what they could have done differently. They are enjoying every moment of life that is happening right now with no regrets.

They Read Body Language

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According to Psychology Today, “most humans are reasonably good at reading the body language signals of people they know well.” But animals are even better at reading body language than we are, as their skills extend to animals and people they don’t know. They communicate with one another in this way.

They Are Strong

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Many animals are a lot stronger than humans. According to National Geographic Kids, “The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size. A single ant can carry 50 times its own body weight.”

They Don’t Judge Others

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Animals are quick at making friends with other animals, and they do so without any issues. They do not judge others or allow preconceived misconceptions to influence how they treat others. They accept their owners without judging them based on their social status or background.

They Don’t Waste Water

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “the average family can waste 180 gallons [of water] per week, or 9,400 gallons of water annually, from household leaks.” Animals are superior to humans in this regard, as they don’t waste water like we do.

They Help the Environment

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Animals play important roles in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet. Without them, many of our ecosystems would be in danger. Humans, on the other hand, seem to do more to destroy the planet than they do to help it. Greed and a lack of sustainability are big problems we cannot seem to resolve.

They Are Loyal

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Animals do not fall out with one another and then never play with one another again. They don’t hold grudges. In this sense, they are better than humans, as we tend to be resentful and find it hard to forgive and let things go.

They Don’t Worry About the Future

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Animals do not waste time worrying about what might or might not happen in the future. They are content with the things they have and are living every moment in the present. Animals will only worry about what’s coming up ahead when they get there.

They Are Innocent

Photo Credit: Mihai Tamasila/Shutterstock.

Animals are like children; they are innocent and free from the complexities of human life that make our world so difficult to live in. They spend all day playing and enjoying life without a care in the world. Many of us, however, struggle to remember the last time we felt truly happy.

They Show Empathy

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Many animals will show empathy and compassion toward their owners and other animals. Humans, on the other hand, are often cold and fail to show empathy toward people they don’t know. We often hold back from showing empathy at times when we know we should.

They Are Sensitive to Emotions

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Many domestic animals are sensitive to the emotions of their owners. They know when they are not feeling well and will stay by their side. They stick with their owners when they are feeling down. Some humans, however, are not there for their friends when they need them the most.

They Are Creative

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Animals know how to make an enjoyable game out of the smallest things in their environment. They are happy with life’s simplest joys. Many humans, on the other hand, rely on gadgets and expensive pastimes to enjoy life. Animals use whatever they have close by.

They Are Balanced

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Animals instinctively know how long they need to sleep each day to be productive, and they get all the rest they need. They are not like us humans, as we overwork ourselves, don’t get enough sleep, and then find it difficult to function properly the next day.

They Build Naturally

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Animals use natural materials such as twigs, leaves, and branches to make their homes. Others dig holes to live underground. Human building materials are a lot less environmentally friendly. The majority of the materials we use to make houses are not recyclable and damage our earth.


Photo Credit: YOGESH BHATIA PHOTOARTIST/Shutterstock.

Many animals are able to endure harsh conditions. Butterflies, for example, can fly with up to 20% wing damage. Yes, animals are often able to endure difficult circumstances better than we can as humans. We tend to give up when life gets too hard or look for a way out of our problems.

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