18 School Activities That Are Now Too Risky According to Parents Today

Generational shifts bring about changes in perspective. What was once seen as harmless fun in schools might now be deemed risky. Cast your mind back to these 18 activities that Gen Z won’t risk.

Climbing Tall Playground Structures

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Back in the day, those towering metal jungle gyms were like our personal Everest. We’d climb up, feeling on top of the world, only to look down and realize just how high we were. But for Gen Z, these playground giants are a relic of a less safety-conscious time. They can’t fathom why we’d let kids clamber up so high with nothing but a bit of gravel or grass to break a fall.

Playing Dodgeball

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Dodgeball was the highlight of gym class, a real adrenaline rush. But now, it’s viewed through a different lens. There are even concerns if dodgeball should still be played in schools, according to Education Week. Gen Z sees it as a recipe for bruises and hurt egos, wondering why being pelted with a rubber ball was ever considered fun.

Doing Their Own Science Experiments

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Those wild days in the science lab, where a mix of chemicals could lead to something amazing (or occasionally a bit smoky), are long gone. For Gen Z, the idea of unsupervised science experiments sounds almost like a scene from a mad scientist movie. They’re more about safety goggles and strict supervision, which frankly, probably isn’t a bad thing.

Using Metal Slides in Summer

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Remember those scorching metal slides? They were like a test of courage on a hot summer day. But today’s kids, with their heightened awareness of safety, think we were pretty much bonkers to slide down something that doubled as a frying pan. To them, it’s all about the safer, cooler plastic slides.

Old School Woodworking

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Woodworking class used to be all about saws, hammers, and chisels. But for Gen Z, this sounds more like a trip to the ER waiting to happen. They can’t quite grasp why we were allowed to handle all these tools without a safety net. It’s a far cry from their more controlled, and admittedly safer, craft classes.

Walking to School Alone

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The freedom of walking to school, chatting with friends, or just enjoying some alone time seems like a distant memory. These days, Gen Z can’t imagine heading to school without an adult hovering nearby. The idea of kids roaming the streets alone just doesn’t sit well with the heightened safety concerns of the modern world.

Running Barefoot

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Running barefoot on the grass used to be the ultimate freedom, feeling the earth beneath our feet. But now, it’s seen as a quick way to step on something sharp or gross. Today’s kids are all about keeping their shoes firmly on, avoiding any potential foot hazards or, heaven forbid, dirty soles.

Performing Actual Dissections

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Dissecting frogs or worms in biology class used to feel like a real scientific endeavor. Now, it’s seen as a bit barbaric and unnecessary, especially with all the virtual alternatives available. Gen Z is more about ethical treatment and digital learning, steering clear of the more hands-on, somewhat gruesome approach.

Having Snowball Fights During Recess

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Snowball fights were the best part of winter at school. Today’s kids, though, are more cautious. They worry about the risks – like icy snowballs or hidden rocks. It’s more about enjoying the snow without turning it into a battlefield, which, admittedly, is probably safer.

Playing Red Rover Games

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Red Rover was all about strategy and strength, but to Gen Z, it’s like an invitation to injuries. The thought of charging into a wall of linked arms or getting clotheslined seems unnecessarily rough to them. They prefer games that don’t end with someone getting knocked to the ground.

Using Dark Rooms for Photography

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For aspiring photographers, the darkroom was a place of wonder. But to the digital-savvy Gen Z, it seems archaic and unnecessarily complicated. They can’t fathom why anyone would choose chemicals and dark rooms over the instant gratification of digital photography.

Using Overhead Projectors

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Overhead projectors are a thing of the past, but they were once a classroom staple. Gen Z kids, accustomed to high-tech presentations, find the idea of these bulky, noisy machines almost laughable. Why use transparencies and markers when you have PowerPoint and digital projectors?

Glass Thermometers in Science Labs

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Glass thermometers, filled with mercury and prone to breaking, seem like a risky tool to Gen Z. In their world of digital everything, the idea of using something so fragile and potentially hazardous is hard to understand. They’re all about accuracy and safety, without the risk of a toxic spill.

Throwing Erasers at Blackboards

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Teachers hurling erasers at blackboards to grab attention might sound dramatic, but it used to be pretty common. Gen Z finds this old-school method a bit shocking. They’re used to a more gentle approach in the classroom, where respect and understanding are key.

Making Papier-Mâché with Flour and Water

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Papier-mâché projects were messy but fun. However, Gen Z raises an eyebrow at the idea, wondering about things like gluten allergies and the risk of mold in those half-dried creations. They prefer cleaner, less problematic crafting materials.

Chalk and Chalkboards

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The days of chalk dust filling the air and screeching chalk on boards are long gone. For Gen Z, raised on whiteboards and tablets, the whole chalkboard concept seems outdated and unnecessarily messy. They can’t imagine why anyone would choose to put up with the dust and the noise.

Heavy, Overloaded Backpacks

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Lugging around heavy backpacks full of books and supplies was the norm. But Gen Z, with their e-books and tablets, can’t fathom why anyone would willingly carry such a load. To them, it’s all about lightening the load and embracing the digital age.

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