18 Things Old People Just Can’t Get On Board with Today

Over the past few decades, society has evolved, and with it, so have a few things that older generations find it uncomfortable to get the hang of. While younger generations are easily able to adapt to these changes, some of which are drastic, others may be struggling slightly. Here are 18 things the elderly may have difficulty learning.

The Introduction of Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin has taken over since its introduction and implementation widely throughout the world in 2021. For some, getting accustomed to this new digital currency has been a breeze; however, for older generations, they’re perplexed. For the most part, they don’t trust it and stick to the more traditional banking systems.

Trends in Social Media

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Things such as TikTok dance challenges, memes, and viral trends have now become a normal part of younger generations’ lives. For older people, these concepts seem unnecessary and confusing forms of entertainment. For them, the simpler things in life, such as watching a movie or going to the theater, are more acceptable.

Online Dating Platforms

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There has been a huge shift from the traditional dating scene toward online dating platforms such as eHarmony, Tinder, and OKCupid, as listed in this Telegraph post. Many of these have been met with some skepticism from the older generations, who would prefer face-to-face interactions, like going to social gatherings or being introduced by a friend or family member.

Electronic Sports or E-Sports

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When famous names such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo play on pitches in sports stadiums, it’s a sight to see. Live sports, however, have now gotten a new concept—a billion-dollar industry known as e-sporting. As explained here on the Harvard Education website, this idea is “video games that are played in a highly organized, competitive environment.” However, older people don’t fully appreciate it and don’t see it as a ‘real’ sport.

Streaming Channels and Services

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Spotify and Netflix have become some of the preferred viewing platforms for many around the world. Older people, however, still prefer their traditional forms of entertainment—radio and cable television. They tend to feel overwhelmed with the array of choices for different channels and avoid using them.

Reality Check for Fashion

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A new phenomenon that has taken over the high streets is fast fashion. As many of the younger generations have grown to like the idea because it’s cheap and widely available, and some brands mimic the clothes that are shown on catwalks in fashion shows, it has its downside and may not be good for the environment. In any case, older people prefer to prioritize quality over quantity.

Influencers on Social Media

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By now, the majority of the younger generation knows about the influencer culture. Famous faces on YouTube and other platforms become somewhat of a celebrity to viewers with their quirky ways and creative ideas, and people enjoy them. Older people don’t see the value in this and would rather not follow celebrities on social media or elsewhere.

Digital Methods of Payment

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Platforms such as Google Pay and Apple Pay have become some of the most popular ways to make digital payments. One swipe or tap of your phone, and your goods are paid for. The elderly, however, have reservations about this, and they don’t feel safe using these forms of payment and would rather use cash or bank cards instead.

Smart Home Devices

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Modern society has now incorporated smart home devices into their living spaces, and they are loving it. From voice-activated technologies to digital marvels, there’s always something new and innovative to choose from. Amazon’s Alexa, the interactive voice assistant, can do most things, like check the temperature and weather, answer questions, etc. Those who aren’t accustomed to this, i.e., the older generations, get confused with the concept and find it daunting.

Vegan and Plant-Based Diets

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Vegan and plant-based diets have gained an immense amount of popularity over the past decade, due to their health and mental benefits. Those who have always eaten a meat diet, like the generations before this became a thing, tend to stick to their ways and don’t see the importance of these newer concepts.

VR and AR – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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Try to get an old person to handle any VR equipment and see how they feel. Chances are they won’t even go near it. VR and AR are some of the most innovative concepts to hit our society, and they’re getting better by the year. These groundbreaking technologies are difficult for the elderly to understand, perhaps due to their complexities.

Emojis and Texting Slang

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Sometimes, people don’t understand the hidden meanings behind emojis. Kids nowadays have adopted their own texting slang, and these styles of communication aren’t just confusing to older people; they also often find them impersonal and disrespectful.

Data and Privacy Concerns

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The extent to which data is collected and privacy is being surveyed has dramatically increased over the past few years, with many devastating events that have happened all over the world. This has forced government institutions to find ways to protect people and increase the risk of security breaches. Older people aren’t aware of the extent to which this happens.

Zero Waste and Recycling

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Ecological consumption, zero-waste, and recycling are all concepts that old people aren’t well aware of. They lived a much simpler life in their generation, and as such, it’s difficult for them to grasp all these ‘extra precautions’ we need to take for the betterment and sustainability of our environment.

WFH – Working From Home

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Working from home was never a thing back in the day. Due to COVID-19 and other significant reasons, the concept has come about and is here to stay. For older people, the traditional 9–5 office job is the way to go. They don’t embrace the concept of working from home, as they don’t see it as an office environment.

Electric and Solar Cars

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Self-driving, solar, and electric cars are also things that the older generations don’t trust that much. Their main concerns are comfort, reliability, and the familiarity of the good old gas-driven vehicles over these new 21st-century concepts. The future of transportation is changing, so it’s inevitable that it will change with the times.

NFTs and Art

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Non-fungible tokens, often known as NFT, can sometimes be difficult for people to understand. Moreso, some older people aren’t very aware of the idea and don’t see any interest in it either. For the most part, these digital creations start as a fad and then phase out, and there are many more to come.

Health Apps and Tracking Your Fitness

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Unless you encourage an older person to invest in an app and show them how to use it, you will rarely find anyone with a fitness tracker who’s over the age of 70. If they knew how advantageous these health monitoring apps can be, perhaps they would change their minds.

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