18 Traits That Indicate You’re a Mentally Strong Person

Mentally strong people display many traits that aren’t common in the average person. What are some of these traits? You’ll find 18 of them in this article.


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According to Psychology Today, empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person. Empathy is a common trait of a mentally strong person, as they have the emotional strength to share the feelings of others and sympathize with them.


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Optimism is a key trait of those who are mentally strong. They think positively and try to see positive outcomes in situations. They share their positivity with others.


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The statistics from Gitnux say that 85% of people report struggling with self-confidence issues at some point in their lives. However, people who are mentally strong don’t struggle with these issues. Rather, they’re confident in their abilities to do things and believe in themselves.

Positive Self-Analysis

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Mentally strong people are positive when they think about themselves. They do not beat themselves up for making the wrong decisions or get down when they look at themselves in the mirror. Rather, they view themselves in a positive manner and see making mistakes as opportunities to grow.

Goal Oriented

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Studies show that only about three percent of the population sets goals, and only about one percent actually writes them down. Mentally strong people are this way because they set goals and work hard to reach them. They’re focused; they know where they’re going, and they have a plan to get there.


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Statistics from The Hardin Group show that 92 percent of people struggle with some form of perfectionism. But mentally strong people are not this way. They recognize their imperfections and limitations and don’t expect to do things flawlessly. They set reasonable expectations for themselves.


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Mentally strong people are known for being proactive. Instead of wasting time on social media or entertainment, they are moving on to their next project and thinking about efficient ways to complete it. They are always planning for the future and are constantly in motion.


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According to Positive Psychology, gratitude has been found to be beneficially associated with social, emotional, and psychological well-being. Mentally strong people are not ungrateful; rather, they show gratitude to others. They appreciate what they have and find happiness in the little joys that life brings.


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If you’re a mentally strong person, you will not spend too much time worrying about your past mistakes. Rather, you will view your errors as opportunities to grow. Instead of looking behind you, you will concentrate on the present and the future, accepting that the past is in the past.

Problem Solvers

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People who are mentally strong are often very good at problem-solving. Instead of viewing an obstacle in a negative light, they concentrate on how they can get over the problem and start working on it immediately. They see solutions instead of focusing on negative consequences.


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If you are mentally strong, you will also be assertive. You will not be afraid to share with someone what you believe is right and wrong. Although you’re passionate about your opinions, you always express them in a way that is firm but shows respect for others.

Good Communication

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If you’re a mentally strong person, you’ll be a good communicator. For someone to communicate their ideas well, they have to have them clear in their minds and know how to share them. Good communication also means expressing your ideas confidently because you are convinced they’re right.


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A mentally strong person is flexible and ready to adapt. They’re prepared to adapt their way of doing things to fit the needs of others, and this does not phase them. They can adapt to others without compromising their standards of right and wrong.


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A mentally strong person is resilient. They are powerful and will not back down. When they’re standing up for what they believe in, this kind of person won’t waver. Their resilience isn’t rudeness but simply an unwavering determination to stand firm for what they believe in.


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A mentally strong person won’t be swayed by others to make decisions that go against what they believe in. They’ll stick to their guns and do what they think is right, even when their opinions aren’t popular. They don’t need the approval of others to make them happy.


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Mentally strong people are self-aware. They know exactly what they think and believe and why they feel the way they do. They are this way because they spend a lot of time analyzing their feelings and ensuring they feel good before making a new decision.

Stress Management

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A mentally strong person will know how to deal with stress in a non-destructive way. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, this person will prioritize their commitments and set realistic goals. This person will not be afraid to turn down a commitment that they think they can’t fulfill.

Good Coping Mechanisms

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Instead of giving in to destructive behavior, a mentally strong person will have good coping mechanisms. These will help the person deal with difficulties in a healthy way. They’re not afraid to seek help, and they have a good work and social life balance to keep them grounded.

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