19 Annoying Types of People to Avoid On Vacation

Are you about to go on vacation? There are 19 types of people you will want to avoid taking with you or stumbling across during your trip. You’ll find out who they are in this article.

Noisy Talkers

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According to Decibel Pro, the normal decibel level of a human voice is between 55 and 65 dB. But some people speak louder than others, just naturally. If you are looking for a relaxing, quiet break, ensure you avoid people with loud voices at all costs.

Loud Music

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Everyone likes to listen to music on vacation, but some people aren’t considerate of others. Hear the World Foundation says that “for noises up to 70 dB, it is possible to hold a conversation at normal volume.” At 90 dB, you will have to raise your voice. To avoid screaming on vacation, stay away from people with loud music.


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“People who exhibit selfishness tend to have a pattern of acting in their own self-interests with no regard for who they may hurt along the way,” notes Psych Central. Avoid joining tour groups with people who are selfish, push in line, and show a lack of appreciation for others.


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The average person complains about 15–30 times each day, states CNBC. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in an excursion group with people who constantly complain. Complainers waste time and spoil the atmosphere for everyone. Avoid these people when you travel next.

Control Freaks

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Some people can never relax, even when they are on vacation. These people feel that something bad will happen if they are not in control of every situation. Control freaks like to have everyone move to the beat of their drum while on vacation and must be a part of every decision.


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The figures from BankRate show that the average cost of a one-week vacation in the U.S. for one person is $1,984. We all plan on spending money while on vacation. Traveling with someone who wants to get the cheapest deal on everything is frustrating.


Having Money male
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We all budget to go on vacation. But if you travel with someone who has no budget at all, you might find yourself spending more than you would like to. Worrying about how you will pay for the vacation can really suck the fun out of the experience.


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Traveling with overly dramatic people can be problematic. These people spoil the atmosphere of the vacation by turning a minor disagreement into an argument and overreacting to the smallest inconveniences. If you want to have a peaceful time away, leave the drama queens and kings behind.

Camera Shy

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According to Photutorial, “92 million selfies are taken every day, accounting for 4% of all the photos taken (2.3 billion) daily.” Taking photos on vacation is a great way to capture the moment with the people you love. But if you travel with someone who is camera shy, you might have an argument every time you want a photo.


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It’s good to be organized on vacation, but no one needs an overplanner. We all want to be spontaneous while on vacation and try something new. But if you vacation with an over-planner, you’ll have to stick to a rigid schedule the whole week and never know your getaway location’s true charm.


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Keeping tabs on everyone on a group vacation can be hard work. What really makes it difficult is when you have someone who is constantly wandering off without telling others where they’re going. Wanderers make you waste time, as you are always having to stop and look for them.


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Some people love to be in charge. Even when they’re on holiday, they have to be the ones who make the final decision on where everyone eats, what everyone does, and how they do it. If you want a little freedom on holiday, avoid going with people who are over-decisive.

Non-Stop Talkers

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We all like to have a good chat while we’re on vacation, but traveling with someone who never stops talking is no fun. This person dominates all conversations and doesn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. To avoid listening to a monologue during your vacation, don’t invite overly chatty people.


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Some people aren’t any fun at all. They don’t say much, they don’t do much, nothing interests them, and not even a vacation away excites them. To avoid bringing down the morale of your vacation and driving yourself crazy, don’t invite people who are, well, boring.


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People who are indecisive are not good to travel with. It takes them ages to get ready, they can’t decide what to eat, and they’re not even sure if they really want to go on vacation or not. Make sure you do not invite indecisive people on vacation, as they will make you feel frustrated.


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We all know people who are very demanding and are never happy with anything. When they go on vacation, they expect the staff to run rings around them, tending to their every whim. And when this doesn’t happen, they complain. Traveling with demanding people can be embarrassing.


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There’s nothing wrong with going partying while on vacation, but some people take that to the extreme and do nothing but party. They spend so much time partying at night that they’re asleep most of the day and don’t get to enjoy any of the sights or cultural experiences that the location has to offer.


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People who are negative or pessimistic are not nice on vacation. They doubt whether anything will be fun, and when something doesn’t go right, they harp on about it for ages. These kinds of people take the enjoyment out of the vacation and make you wish you’d never gone.

Constant Vloggers

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There’s nothing wrong with capturing the moment of a vacation, but if your friends are more concerned about capturing the moment on video than they are about enjoying themselves, you might miss the purpose of the vacation. Avoid going on vacation with people who are social media influencers.

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