19 Most Stolen Cars in the US

According to recent data, over one million cars in the U.S. were stolen in 2022. However, not all models of cars are equally at risk—many are more attractive to thieves due to their appearance, value, or performance. Here, we expose the 19 American vehicles most at risk of ‘grand theft auto.’

Honda Civic

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One of the best-selling cars in America, the Civic is known for being reliable and long-lasting, but demand for its parts on the black market can make it a target for thieves. MoneyGeek says older, faster models with low security are the most at risk, as their engines are prized by the racing community. We recommend Civic owners fit an immobilizer and park in secure lots!

Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)

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Forbes states that “full-size Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks [had] the highest theft rate” in 2022. Such vehicles are often stolen to be sold on the black market or dismantled for their valuable parts. Owners can combat this by using anti-theft devices (steering wheel or brake locks) and engraving the vehicle’s VIN on its windows.

Ford Pickup (Full Size)

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Other full-size pickups, including the F-150, are also magnets for vehicle theft. Their versatility and the high aftermarket value of their parts make them worth the risk. Deep Sentinel reports that Ford pickups are the most stolen cars in America’s heartland and that even their cargo can be stolen. If you own one, try installing a GPS tracking device and custom locks.

Toyota Camry

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According to MotorTrend, 17,094 of these cars were stolen in 2022 alone. As one of the most popular midsize sedans in the U.S., the Camry has universal appeal, partly due to the easy interchangeability of its parts across different Toyota models. Thieves also often strip them of their valuable catalytic converters, which contain precious metals.

Nissan Altima

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The Altima’s combination of style, performance, and affordability makes it a popular choice among car buyers and, unfortunately, car thieves. The Zebra warns that both whole vehicles and parts are in high demand on illegal markets. Owners should use a combination of anti-theft measures, including aftermarket alarms and immobilizers, for extra security.

Honda Accord

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Like its relative the Civic, the Accord is a favorite amongst car thieves. The vehicle’s overall popularity and the high resale value of its parts make it an alluring option, and criminals often strip out their engines, airbags, and other components to sell at a high profit. An upgraded car alarm system with shock and motion detectors can help repel thieves.

Toyota Corolla

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The Corolla’s reliability and efficiency make it a highly sought-after vehicle for thieves looking to sell whole cars or their parts. Its compact size also makes it less conspicuous and easier to swipe than larger models. AutoDNA says 2017 models are the most at risk, especially those that lack more modern and advanced anti-theft technology.

Dodge Pickup (Full Size)

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Another large, desirable pickup is the Dodge Ram—a practical, robust, and powerful choice for thieves looking to engage in criminal activities or strip a vehicle for its parts. In addition, certain common aftermarket modifications make them more attractive to thieves. Owners can protect their vehicles by installing GPS tracking devices and keeping them in well-lit lots.

GMC Pickup (Full Size)

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The NICB states, “Of the nearly 1 million total vehicles reported stolen in 2021, 14% of passenger vehicles were Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC full-size pickup models.” Trucks like the GMC Sierra have high resale values and much-desired parts and are also practical for committing crimes. Door and glass-break sensors are a great way to keep them secure.

Chevrolet Impala

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The Chevrolet Impala, particularly older 2008 models, has high-value parts and is relatively easy to steal, making it a popular choice for thieves. Its consistent public popularity fuels demand for parts, while insufficient anti-theft technologies make it an easy target. Upgrading the car’s alarm system and using a car cover can help make your vehicle less appealing.

Subaru Legacy

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Known for its practical all-wheel drive and impressive reliability, older models of the Subaru Legacy are especially targeted by thieves, with criminal gangs sometimes targeting all the cars of this model in one area before moving on. Despite their age, they’re highly desirable in illegal markets, especially for their parts.

Chevrolet Tahoe

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Autoblog says this large SUV is attractive for its parts, which can be sold separately, and its potential use in committing other crimes due to its huge fuel tank, impressive size, and powerful performance. It is frequently ranked on lists of the ‘top 10 most stolen vehicles’ in America.

Ford Mustang

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A popular sports car with a long history, the Ford Mustang is an iconic American muscle car that thieves may find appealing for its alluring looks and powerful, throaty engines. Mustangs hold their value and are worth a lot of money on the black market—either whole or stripped for parts.

Hyundai Sonata

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The Sonata is a relatively new addition to yearly statistics of the most stolen vehicles, and CarScoops blames the modern car’s lack of an immobilizer, making it a relatively ‘easy’ steal, even for inexperienced criminals without advanced tools. Its parts also have universal appeal.

Kia Optima

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The first car on the list from the Korean brand, the Optima has become more and more attractive to thieves as the Kia’s popularity has risen in recent years. Although rarely sold whole on the black market, this model’s parts are highly sought after, and the vehicle has a high resale value if sold piecemeal.

Chevrolet Cruze

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Compact and widely available, the Cruze is often targeted by thieves in urban areas, where they are most popular. The most valuable component is the catalytic converter, which fetches a high price on illegal markets. As is typical for Chevrolets, other parts are also in high demand.

Ford Escape

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Compact SUVs like the Escape are targeted for their versatility and the value of their parts, and this particular model ranks as the most stolen type of car in the small SUV class. They aren’t often resold whole, but their parts are frequently stripped and sold for a handsome profit.

Jeep Wrangler

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This popular off-road vehicle is most common in rural areas with uneven roads and ample opportunities to drive off-the-beaten-track. Its parts are known for being unique and expensive to replace, making components stripped from stolen vehicles highly valuable. It is also a versatile vehicle, useful for committing certain types of crimes.

Toyota Highlander

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A popular SUV, the Highlander is targeted for its resale value as an intact vehicle, boosted by its infallible reputation for reliability, practicality, and longevity. Aftermarket demand for its parts is also high, making it a profitable and versatile option for thieves.

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