19 Things Most People Do But Never Tell Anyone Else

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Let’s admit it. We all do things almost every day that we’d be mortified if others knew about. But if everyone does it, what is there to be ashamed of? Let’s take a look at 19 things most people do but never tell anyone about.

Talking to Themselves

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When there’s no one else around, there’s only one person left to converse with. As noted by the National Library of Medicine, many people have a habit of talking to themselves to process their thoughts, practice conversations, or make decisions. This can also be a good way of hyping yourself up or motivating yourself to do something.

Googling Their Own Name

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Sometimes boredom and curiosity get the better of you. Googling one’s own name is a common practice that people seldom talk about. But with the prevalence of social media and other platforms, it makes complete sense that one would wonder what others see if they ever decide to search for us online.

Stalking People on Social Media

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Many of us would be ashamed to admit this, but it happens more frequently than you may think. According to a study reported by USA Today, “almost half of Americans admit to ‘stalking’ an ex or current partner online without them knowing.” People often get the urge to stalk their ex-partners, old friends, or enemies on social media. However, this can be an unhealthy habit that creates insecurity and unhealthy comparisons.

Pretending Not to See Someone They Know

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Sometimes, we just don’t have the social energy to talk to somebody, especially if it’s someone we haven’t seen in a long time. As a result, many people will look the other way when they notice somebody they know walking by in public, preferring to avoid the potential of an awkward or lengthy interaction.

Rehearsing Arguments in Their Head

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Most of us have been there. You’ve just had an argument or conflict, and after all is said and done, you start going over witty or intelligent things you could’ve said if you’d had the time to think it through. It’s also common to rehearse arguments ahead of time if you know a debate is coming up.

Secretly Checking Their Phone

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Table manners dictate that we should refrain from using our phones or other devices during mealtime. But sometimes, you just can’t resist. Many of us will take a sneaky glance at our screens during meetings, conversations, or meals.

Singing in the Shower or When Alone

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Many of us have our own personal karaoke sessions in the shower or during other private moments. While we don’t usually tell others about these moments, maybe it’s something we should discuss more. According to the WNO, singing has numerous mental health benefits and can even reduce the risk of depression.

Daydreaming or Fantasizing

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While we may not usually discuss it publicly, there’s nothing wrong with a little daydreaming. According to Walden University, daydreaming can actually reduce stress and anxiety, enhance creativity, and aid us in problem-solving.

Snooping Through Someone Else’s Things

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It can be hard to resist the allure of an unattended phone or computer screen. It is common for people to sneak a cheeky glance at someone else’s texts, emails, or photos when they’re not being watched. Some people will even have a little look through their host’s drawers or cabinets.

Practicing Smiles or Poses in the Mirror

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Many of us aren’t exactly thrilled with how we show up in photos, so it’s no surprise that it’s common for people to practice smiles or poses in the mirror, especially before social events or interactions. This can be beneficial in helping us feel more confident and prepared.

Eating Straight from the Fridge or Container

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Sometimes we just have to satisfy those midnight cravings. Other times, we simply don’t have the time to cook a healthy and substantial meal. Whatever the reason may be, it is a common practice to skip the cutlery and eat straight from the fridge.

Skipping Pages or Sections in Books

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Reading can be tedious at times, especially when it comes to non-fiction and academic texts. While we may not admit it to others, a lot of people skip pages or even whole chapters in books to satisfy their curiosity or move on to more important sections.

Using Strange Household Items for DIY Solutions

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When we don’t want the hassle of employing a handyman or buying the proper tools, it’s common to use unconventional household items for makeshift solutions. While the results aren’t necessarily perfect or long-lasting, they often get the job done.

Judging Other People’s Choices or Habits

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Nobody likes to be judged, but it is a normal and common aspect of human behavior. Most of us form quiet judgments about people’s appearances or actions that we wouldn’t necessarily want other people to know about.

Saving Screenshots of Conversations

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Whether it’s because we want to keep the memory of important moments or save conversations as evidence for a later date, it’s a common habit for us to save screenshots of online conversations. While this can be ethically shady at times when the other person isn’t aware they’re on record, it’s something many of us have done.

Checking Behind Shower Curtains for Intruders

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We can all get a little paranoid after watching a scary movie or reading a scary story. If you’ve ever had a cautious peek behind the shower curtain, you’re not alone. While this fear is rather irrational, it makes sense given the prevalence of horror tropes we’re exposed to.

Creating Playlists for Nonexistent Events

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As acknowledged by Sage Journals, many of us have the habit of compiling music playlists for particular moods or imagined future events that may never actually occur. While we may be a little embarrassed about this habit, it’s a healthy way to express ourselves and process our emotions.

Imagining Life as a Movie or Book

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When we’ve read a few too many books or watched a few too many movies, it’s common to start imagining yourself as the protagonist in the novel of your own life. You may start narrating your own actions either in your head or out loud, adding a little more drama and excitement to your life.

Eavesdropping on Strangers’ Conversations

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Many of us love people-watching, and this often extends to eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations. While we would almost never want them to be aware of our nosy presence, it’s something most of us have done at some point.

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