19 Things That Cost A Fortune But We’re Still Stupid Enough to Pay For

In a consumer-driven world, people often find themselves paying premium prices for products and services that, upon closer examination, might not warrant such costs. This article shines a light on 18 things that feel like daylight robbery but that consumers continue to willingly pay for.

Designer Water

Bottled Water
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Marketed as healthier or purer, designer water can cost significantly more than regular bottled water. Many consumers willingly splurge on these premium brands, even when tap water is often just as safe.

Brand-Name Medications

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Generic medications often contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts but come at a fraction of the cost. Still, some buyers opt for the more expensive option, swayed by advertising and familiar names.

Airport Food

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The cost of food at airports is notoriously high, with travelers paying a premium for basic meals and snacks. Despite the inflated prices, many passengers give in to these costs due to limited options.

College Textbooks

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New editions of college textbooks can be astonishingly expensive, and students often have no choice but to purchase them for their courses. Second-hand and digital options exist but are not always available.

Printer Ink

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Printer ink is infamous for being pricier than champagne by volume. While consumers grumble about the cost, the need for printed documents keeps them coming back to purchase those small, costly cartridges.

Cable Television

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With a plethora of streaming services available at lower costs, cable television can seem like a relic of the past. Surprinsgly, many households continue to pay high monthly fees for cable channels, many of which go unwatched.

Bottled Water

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Despite being widely available from the tap, bottled water remains a popular purchase. Environmental concerns and comparable quality make this a puzzling choice for many, yet the convenience factor keeps sales flowing.

Event Ticket Fees

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Buying tickets online is convenient, but the additional fees can be exorbitant. Consumers, eager to secure their seats, often grudgingly accept these extra charges, contributing to the companies’ profits.

Gourmet Popcorn

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Movie theaters charge a premium for gourmet popcorn, and the mark-up can be eye-watering. Despite this, the allure of munching on this snack while watching a film keeps customers reaching for their wallets.

Brand-Name Fashion

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High-end fashion brands charge a premium for their products, often far beyond the cost of production. The allure of luxury and exclusivity, however, convinces many consumers that the investment is worthwhile.

Pre-Cut Vegetables

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Pre-cut vegetables offer convenience but come at a notably higher price than their whole counterparts. Time-pressed shoppers are often willing to pay up for the sake of saving a few minutes in the kitchen.

Fast Fashion

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Fast fashion items may be cheap, but their true cost is often hidden. Poor quality and ethical concerns surround this industry, yet the desire for trendy, disposable clothing drives continued sales.

Single-Use Coffee Pods

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Single-use coffee pods are significantly more expensive per cup than traditional brewing methods. The convenience and variety they offer, however, have coffee lovers willingly paying the price.

In-Game Purchases

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Free-to-play games often come with the option of in-game purchases. These virtual goods can add up to significant amounts, yet many gamers find them irresistible, contributing to the developers’ success.

Custom Ringtones

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With countless free options available, paying for custom ringtones might seem unnecessary. Yet, the desire for personalization sees many consumers shelling out for these small digital files.

Mini-Bar Snacks

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Hotel mini-bar snacks are notorious for their high prices. The ease of having snacks and drinks within arm’s reach, however, often tempts guests to indulge, despite the cost.

Lottery Tickets

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The odds of winning big in a lottery are astronomically low, yet the dream of instant wealth sees people purchasing tickets. The small investment fuels hope, even if the payout is unlikely.

Premium Gasoline

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For most vehicles, premium gasoline offers no significant benefit over regular fuel. Despite this, some drivers believe the higher octane is better for their cars and willingly pay the extra cost.

Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards can be surprisingly pricey, considering they are often a simple piece of printed cardboard. The tradition of giving cards persists, however, and many find the cost a small price to pay for expressing sentiments. CF

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