20 Most Loved American Traditions

Every country has its own traditions, but what is everyone’s favorite American tradition? A recent internet survey asked, “What’s an American tradition you actually love?” Here are the top 20 answers.

Halloween and Trick-Or-Treating

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Halloween is huge in the US! From kids trick-or-treating to adults going all out with costumes and parties, it’s a blast. It’s becoming a big deal elsewhere too, and might soon rival Christmas in terms of festivities.


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Thanksgiving’s all about food, family, and being grateful. And let’s not forget those amazing leftover sandwiches! It’s also a time for inclusivity, where everyone’s made to feel welcome, no matter where they’re from.

Small Town Parades

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Small town parades, especially the Christmas ones, are super charming. It’s a whole community event that can get pretty emotional, especially when it’s a tradition. Some towns are so small, the parade loops right back – that’s community spirit for you!

4th of July

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The 4th of July is about fireworks, patriotism, and a whole lot of celebration. Even tourists, like Brits at Disney World, get into it with themed gear and dancing. It’s an all-American day with a bang.

Opening Day

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Baseball’s opening day is like a holiday for many. Some families make it a tradition to attend every year. The vibe, the crowd, the game – it’s an American pastime through and through.

The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving

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The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving is a big deal for animal lovers. There’s also the Puppy Bowl and the adorable Kitten Half-Time Show. It’s basically the Super Bowl for pet enthusiasts.

Road Trips

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Road trips across the US are an epic adventure. It’s a vast country with so much to see and do. Whether it’s a couple of days or an extended journey, hitting the open road is a quintessential American experience. Don’t forget those quirky roadside attractions!

Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national holiday. Even if you’re not into football, the food, the commercials, and the halftime show make it worth it. It’s a day when friends and family gather around the TV for some good times.

Free Public Bathrooms

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Having to pay for public restrooms in Europe can be a shock for Americans. Free access to bathrooms is something we take for granted in the US. McDonald’s, you’re the real MVP for those on-the-go bathroom breaks.


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Rodeos are like a live-action slice of American history. They started back in the days of cattle drives and cowboys and have evolved into a fun, family-friendly event. It’s a mix of tradition, sport, and a bit of spectacle.

March Madness

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March Madness is all about the unexpected in college basketball. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions with upsets, underdog stories, and buzzer-beaters. It’s a time when brackets are busted, and office pools go wild.


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Man, barbecues are like the best part of summer! It’s all about kicking back outside, maybe by the pool, and slow-cooking some ribs or brisket. Throw in a cold beer, and you’ve got the perfect chill day. It’s no wonder even Canadians love this tradition!

River Tubing

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Ever floated down a river on a hot day, just chilling in an inner tube? It’s an absolute blast, especially when you’ve got cold beers, sandwiches, and good company. Seriously, it’s the epitome of summer fun, and not just an American thing!

Sandwiches and Potato Chips

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Sandwiches and crisps (or chips, if you’re in the States) are a classic combo. But have you heard about the UK’s crisp sandwiches? It’s genius! And there’s a town in Illinois named Sandwich – the next town over should totally be Potato Chips.

Crawfish Boils

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Crawfish boils are a huge deal, especially if you’ve got friends from New Orleans. It’s more than just food; it’s a whole social event. Imagine a weekend party with the most amazing seafood boil – now that’s living!


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S’mores are sticky, sweet, and a campfire staple, but they’re super messy. It’s a love-hate thing – amazing taste, but you’ll be looking for a sink right after. And let’s not get Paul Hollywood anywhere near these!

White Christmas

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Ever experienced a white Christmas? It’s like living in a holiday card. Australians who move to the northern hemisphere say it finally makes all those Christmas decorations make sense. But a snow-free Christmas seems to be more common these days.

St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day in America can turn you into an instant celebrity if you’re Irish. It’s all about green everything, leprechauns, and, of course, loads of drinking. It’s like the whole country gets into party mode.

Free Refills

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Free refills in the States are great. Why go for a large drink when you can refill a small one as many times as you want? Now even Australia is catching on to this sweet deal.

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