Have Confidence In Your Investing Prowess Use a Self-Directed IRA

Investing Prowess, self-directed IRA
More and more people are taking control of their IRAs and applying their investment knowledge in hopes of a more comfortable retirement. The growth of self-directed IRAs has increased as people seek to invest outside of the traditional stock-CD slot. Many are seeing solid returns as their portfolio diversifies into real estate, precious metals and other markets. This highlights the number one reason...
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The Benefits of Soil | Get A Farm Deduction To Minimize Your Tax Burden

Benefits of Soil, farm reduction, tax burden
The tax benefits of soil AKA “farming” can be significant in many states.  All 50 States give preferential property tax rates to agricultural land in an effort to help farmers and to prevent Urban Sprawl.  Never thought you had the ability to run a farm?  Well who knows, you may discover a passion for it and even better, make a profit.  In Ohio, a “farm” must be at least 10 acres or have...
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The Use Of Money Improves Society | Adam Smith Wealth Of Nations

The Use Of Money Improves Society, Adam Smith, wealth of nations
Money is a unit of exchange that we take for granted. We grew up seeing coins and bills, fingered a few when we earned allowance at home, counted out more paper when we cashed the initial check from our first  job, and still like its feel when we sell something to someone and demand cash. We never think of a time when money was not part of our lives, or a part of our society. Yet, the role of money...
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Death Tax | Are The Amount Of Taxes Paid Causing Private Industry To Shrink?

Death Tax
The ongoing battle on Capitol Hill over the rate and extent of the inheritance and estate tax illustrates well, the very mixed feelings that both lawmakers and average Americans have about the principles behind taxing what hard workers leave to their family and friends. The so-called “Death Tax”, named for the levy that has ranged up to 55% on the inheritance that people pass onto others upon...
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Educational Inflation Nation | With College Tuitions Skyrocketing, Is A Degree Really Worth The Investment

student debt,student loan,make college affordable
In the US we place great value in the acquisition of a college degree, but are the collage tuitions really worth the investment?  A Cato institute found that, adjusted for inflation, college spending has increased 140 percent between 1970 and 2007.  This doesn’t seem to be paying dividends, because according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress Tests, reading and math scores...
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