Franchise Investing | Consider These Pros and Cons Before You Invest

Franchise Investing
Anyone who saw the movie “The Blind Side” got a look at the dream world of investing in and owning a franchise. If you didn’t see the movie, it’s the story of a white family in the South rescuing a gifted African-American football player from the ghetto by taking him into their home and enrolling him in a private school. This family was able to do that because the father owned several fast-food...
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Bretton Woods Agreement Of 1944 | The Beginning of Monetary Chaos?

Bretton Woods Agreement Of 1944
The Bretton Woods Gold Standard and the Beginning of Monetary Chaos When 730 delegates from all 44 of the Allied nations gathered near the end of World War II in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, they made decisions that they thought best for the world’s primary industrial states, such as tying the various currencies among its members to the U.S. dollar, which in turn was tied to the value of gold. It...
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Self Reliance Themes | Teaching Children Responsibility About Finance and Investing

Responsibility About Finance and Investing, finance, investing, self reliance
In our eagerness to spread the blame for our country’s economic slowdown, perhaps we have looked past a vital link in the chain of sound practice when it comes to money: the home. Rather than find scapegoats for the unemployment rate, the slowness of job creation and the paralyzed housing market, maybe the best response we could have is to teach your children, self reliance themes, by teaching them...
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Use These 6 Tips to Leverage A Successful Business Partnership

Successful Business Partnership , business partner
There’s a lot of truth to the saying that a successful business partnership is much like a marriage—two flawed human beings are joined in a committed relationship, with all of the ups and downs that are part of continual interaction with another person as you navigate life together. And, as in marriage, there are good partnerships and there are bad partnerships. Here is some trusted advice from...
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The Property Rental Market | While Foreclosures Increase So Do Rents

The Property Rental Market
Whenever an economy slows, there are some winners among the many losers. As anyone with familiarity of the current state of the U.S. economy knows, the housing market has been a major reason behind the sluggish nature of the nation’s finances in recent years. That was the result of millions of people getting loans to buy homes that they could not afford, which led to homes being foreclosed and...
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