The Stock Market | What Happens in Presidential Election Years?

The Stock Market, presidential election
The relationship between the stock market’s performance and the presidential election cycle has been indisputably proven, to a degree. Not every presidential election has the same effect on the market, but certain patterns have proven to be consistent over the past two centuries or so. Here are the details of this interesting relationship, which could help you to read the market over the next 12...
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10 Cities With Low Average Home Price And You Can Secure A Mortgage For The Cost Of Your iPhone 5 Family Plan

Cities With Low Average Home Price
If you are looking to move somewhere more affordable and where you can make a living, good luck. Most areas with low unemployment rates have sky-high home prices, even out into the exurbs, which can make for long commutes and a very low quality of life. To find a city where you won’t pay a half-million dollars for a home and can find a job, you need to dig around a bit deeper. Actually, we’ve...
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Japan’s Lost Decade | 6 Lessons Learned That May Help The US Economy

Japan's Lost Decade, U.S. economy, lesson learned
Decades ago, Japan’s economy was the envy of the world, ranking first in GNP per capita in the late 1980s. Then, this Asian tiger was brought to its knees for the next decade for a variety of reasons, its economy slowed to a crawl primarily due to the twin “Ds” of debt and deflation, never to regain its previous stature. Many economists are wondering if the United States is in the midst of a...
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Prized Google Stock | 4 Ways To Invest In Google Inc. Without Buying A Share

4 “back Door” methods for  Investing in Google without buying a single share If you are not keen on investing in Google stock due to its high price or your questions about the future of the company, there are actually several ways in which you can “invest” in Google without buying any shares in the Internet giant. Here are a few (usually less expensive) options for your investment...
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The Maglev Train Model | A Symbol Of China’s Economic Decline?

Sheer speed at 270 MPH, no rocking, no rattling, in fact no sound at all, the Maglev is a show of engineering genius.  The train has no wheels which eliminates friction and therefore provides an ultra smooth and quiet ride at breakneck speeds.  The train is propelled along a track through an electromagnetic pull.  Construction began in March 2001, and on the 1st of January 2004 it began its public...
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