Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire Timeline | Is The US Following It?

Various pundits have tried to compare the fall of the Roman Empire to the apparent weakening of the U.S.’s position as the world’s lone superpower. Some comparisons between the two “empires” hold up better than others. Some parallels are irrelevant, but others are downright scary. After a brief survey of the various arguments made along … Read more

Poor Mans Gold | Why The Demand For Silver Will Continue its Rise

Silver has often been called the “poor man’s gold,” but it might be the better investment, according to a wide spectrum of precious metals analysts. Why the change of preference? Here are several reasons why silver is a better-than-ever bet for your investment dollar: Far more affordable than gold The idea that gold is the … Read more

Facebook IPO Filing | Did The CalSTRS Pension Fund Get In To Deep?

Facebook IPO Filing

The first move by the California State Teachers’ Retirement System was a good one. It got in on the Facebook IPO filing for 500,000 shares, worth about $19 million, then sold them quickly when the price jumped ever so briefly on Day One. That savvy move landed the CalSTRS Pension Fund about a quarter of … Read more