Wealth Confiscation | Why Your Money Is At Serious Risk

How much of your wealth is allocated as zero’s and one’s on a computer screen?  If your wealth resides in a bank or brokerage account, then it is nothing more than a target for wealth confiscation.   Many of us, myself included, have been conditioned into thinking that our “accounts” are immune from confiscation.  The … Read more

Unique Investment Opportunity | Hog Farm

Unique Investment Opportunity, hog farm, pigs

There really are investment opportunities everywhere, all you have to do is open your ears and your mind!  Recognizing opportunities reminds me of when I would go  to Yellowstone National Park and seemed to miss all the wildlife.  It wasn’t until my eye was trained to recognize the animals, then they seemed to be all … Read more

Resolving The Fiscal Cliff | What Would “Soccer Moms” Do?

I have been thinking about the blame game and the political pandering going on in D.C. over the Fiscal Cliff.  In case you haven’t heard about the fiscal cliff, I will share with you, the Cliff Note version.  On Jan. 1, 2013 about $500 billion in tax increases and $200 billion in spending cuts are scheduled … Read more

Smart Passive Income | Go Nuts For REIT’s

reit, Smart Passive Income

Many people do not know what the letters “REIT” stand for, but Real Estate Investment Trusts can be a hidden treasure in the financial world. They enable investors without huge loads of capital to enter into the often-highly profitable world of commercial real estate. Another definition of an REIT is “real estate stock,” which is … Read more