Ammunition: The New American Currency

The New American Currency, ammunition
I was in the airport today, on my way to Omaha, Nebraska, when I heard a guy behind me, while talking to his friend say “ammo is the new currency”.  I thought that was an interesting take on the subject of currency, so I figured I would write this real quick on my flight. It is important to remember that currency is nothing more than a fungible means of regulating the marketplace.  Currency...
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How To Find A Side Job That Brings In Significant Cash

How to find a side job that pays well
Have you ever wondered how your co-worker got such an awesome housesitting job? Or, maybe you’re wondering how your little brother makes a hundred dollars a week just by walking dogs for your neighbors. They didn’t get those jobs because they’re charming (although it certainly helps!) They got it because they have knack for actually finding these jobs and getting them too! If you’re interested...
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What Is the U.S. Debt Bubble and How Could It Affect You?

U.S. Debt Bubble
What in the world happened?  There we were with the DOW over 14,000, U.S home prices were close to their all time highs, and consumer and commercial credit was flowing as freely as honey on a hot summer day.  Seemingly overnight, things weren’t so sweet anymore.  It felt like the proverbial rug was pulled out from under us, but in fact, we have been setting ourselves up for this multi-bubble...
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Conquering The Economy: Why Hard Works Beats Intelligence

Conquering The Economy, job hunting, employment
Finding a job and/or keeping a job in this economy has little to do with how smart we are. It has everything to do with our perseverance and our ability to perform. There are a few exceptions to this rule (Dr. House on the popular TV show “House” comes to mind, but then again, he’s a fictional character.) Thus, most of us have to rely on our creativity, ingenuity, and unfailing work ethic if...
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The Top Three Leveraged Buyouts in History

Top Three Leveraged Buyouts , LBO
A leveraged buyout occurs when one company (often a financial services company) buys another company (often a true business) and uses the purchased company’s cash flow and assets to secure and repay the debt incurred by the purchase. The debt acts as a lever to increase returns, which gives rise to the term leveraged buyout, or LBO for short. In common language, LBOs usually involve a financial...
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