4 Ways The Government Drives Up The Cost Of Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare costs will never go down as long as the federal government continues its menacing stronghold on the industry.  There are many reasons for the Healthcare Industry’s increasing costs.  These costs are ultimately ours as taxpayers, because so much revenue goes to public programs such as Medicare (seniors) and Medicaid (indigent).  Here are 4 examples of why the cost of healthcare...
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Graduate School | Is It Worth The Price Of Admission?

The Price Of Admission, graduate school
When I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to go to graduate school. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go immediately after college, but I applied anyway. I applied to several programs and also to several jobs. This was in early 2009 when the economy was in a particularly bad slump. After an extensive job search, I was able to secure part time employment at a local museum, but I still wanted...
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Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity

time, commodity
Time is our most precious commodity and all too often we over-look it.  We get caught up with the day-to day rigors and time just passes us by.  I came to realize this today while talking to a young man at the dry cleaners, who was working there, and moonlighting to get a landscaping business off the ground.  It was great to hear that this 24 year old was so ambitious to want to work up to 18 hours...
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Once The Smoke Clears, Will Marijuana Become The Lifeblood Of The California Economy?

California’s economy of high taxes and utterly high spending, may be causing businesses and citizens to move east (often times to Texas) but its liberal view of the medical marijuana industry is encouraging economic growth.  It’s interesting to know that cannabis is believed to be California’s number one agricultural crop representing a $14 Billion industry.  How is it that so...
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10 Great Tips For Selling On Ebay

Great Tips For Selling, ebay, selling
Photo courtesy of 123rf.com Ebay is a wonderful resource for people who are looking to make some money on the side. Of course, like any new business venture, there are a few tips that can help ensure your success. Here are some below: 1. Post Amazing Pictures No one will want to buy your one year old Polo shirt if the photo is fuzzy. Make sure you take them in bright, natural light. If that’s impossible,...
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