Health Insurance And You: What Obamacare Means For Maternity Coverage

While all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s sweeping healthcare coverage, won’t be fully implemented until 2014, many future moms are already looking forward to the changes the health care law will bring to maternity coverage. In fact, in most news reports, women are called the big winners of Obamacare thanks to all the preventative services that will now be covered under...
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Selling Out The U.S | How The Plaza Accord Of 1985 Illustrates This

The Plaza Accord Of 1985
The average consumer has probably never heard of the Plaza Accord, nor is s/he aware of the huge ramifications that it’s had on our lives. Furthermore, even Joe Above-Average Consumer might not be aware of the fierce global debate over whether a similar agreement needs to be struck to regulate global commerce once again. The Plaza Accord was signed at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on September...
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Understanding The Myth of Private Property Ownership

Myth of Private Property Ownership
Why are we so driven to own stuff?   Stuff which just accumulates and fills up our lives with worry and regret?  Well you see, the desire to consume things has been programmed into us from the womb, and this is unfortunately how we measure success.  We are conditioned to measure the worth of people in society by what and how much they own.  Case in point, what do you think of when you hear that...
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Gradually Regimented Into The Service Of The Privileged Few

Service Of The Priviledged Few, fireside chat
Found this wonderful Fire Side Chat by the 32nd President of These United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Referred to as FDR, Roosevelt was instrumental in creating the New Deal.  FDR served during the Great Depression, and was considered the father of American Liberalism.  He is the only U.S. President to serve more than two terms, because he believed he could single-handedly resolve the challenges...
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Medical Concierge Service, Affordable And Unmatched Personal Service

Ever heard of Medical Concierge Services?  I hadn’t until recently, and from all indications it appears they have a pretty bright future.  Medical concierge is a term used by doctors who take no commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid payments, but they are for profit.  That’s right, they only except direct payments in cash.  No billing Blue Cross, Humana, or Medicare, they bill...
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