7 Gut Checks Regarding The U.S. Debt Problem

The U.S. Debt Problem
As Americans decipher terms like “fiscal cliff” and “higher debt limit” we have to wonder what exactly is going on in Washington.  Do we have confidence that the moves made by the Federal Reserve will  help us, or inevitably drag us into bankruptcy. What are the chances of the government going bankrupt anyway?   How would that work if it was to happen?  Will this government debt bubble...
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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The….Mailbox

Funny Thing Happened,property, home, acres
I had an interesting call from my farm tenant a couple weeks ago who said that there was a note in the her mailbox which she assumed was for me.  It read “I want to buy your house, please call Ms. Thomas”…  Me being the ever inquisitive investor, I promptly called Ms. Thomas.  Turns out she was in the bidding process when I originally bought the farm, but I had my bid in first....
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See Your Doctor, And Never Leave Your House? You Can Through The Use Of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications such as a video camera, two way radio or a mobile smart phone application to exchange medical information.  It was introduced nearly 40 years ago as a way of providing access to patients in remote locations.  Telemedicine began in rough form by indians who used smoke signals to inform the the tribe that a member was ill.  As you can guess, it...
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Here’s A Novel Idea, How About D.C. Move Back To Main Street?

I was reading the book Street Smarts by Jim Rogers and he touched on an idea that I thought had fabulous upside and almost no downside.  I wanted to explore your thoughts on this revolutionary idea.  He simply said that there is no need for our Federal and State Representatives, whom I commonly refer to our friends in Washington, to have to live in the District of Columbia.  Technology today can...
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What Apple Inc. Can Do With It’s Cashflow “Problem”.

What Apple Inc. Can Do, create jobs
Apple Inc. is the world’s largest company with a market cap of $405 Billion, and they are flushed with cash at $135 Billion.  Because of this, they have even been accused of having a cash problem…That is; having too much of it!  Think of it, a publicly traded company being in the hot seat for having too much cash, isn’t that really what shareholders want?  Well kinda…  ...
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