The Military-Industrial Complex’s Best Friend? Try Paper…

In 1960, President Eisenhower railed against “the military-industrial complex” in a famous speech given just prior to his leaving the presidency. Many Americans since have reflected upon Ike’s words through a prism of the history that has transpired since the speech. But Eisenhower’s warning was rooted in the history that had transpired long before his … Read more

Real Estate Rewind | When All the Bubble Trouble Started

Real Estate Rewind, housing crisis

Real estate used to be what many regarded as their best investment.  A cash cow which could be used as a safety net in a time of financial need.  Wanna fund your kids college tuition by doing a cash out refi on your primary residence?  That was soooo 2004.  Fast forward to 2013 and we … Read more

Seek Investment Freedom With A Self-Directed IRA

Investment Freedom, IRA, self-directed IRA

A ‘Self-Directed IRA’ is an industry term used to describe an individuals ability to wholly manage their own financial future.  The term is not overtly recognized by the IRS, in fact their website doesnt even utter the words, see here.  I am not sure why this investment process is not publicized by the IRS, but … Read more