The Path To A Thicker Wallet Has To Include A Financial Routine

Financial Routine, thick wallet, debt management
If you find yourself working to pay the bills rather than working to pay yourself, it may be time to adopt a strict financial routine.  Sticking to a financial routine can be as boring and mundane as the latest fad diet, and as a result, its hard to stay engaged.  It may seem like a lot of work, with little immediate reward, but you shouldn’t be into debt management or wealth building for...
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Wanna Be Wealthy, Gotta Think Like Em’ Adopt Traits Of Wealthy People

There are many variables when it comes to building wealth.  Self-discipline, a good savings plan, a little luck, are some of the necessary traits to building wealth.  One thing is certain, you have to approach wealth building strategies by focusing your energy and thought process the same way the wealthy do.  Here are 5 typical traits of wealthy people regarding their approach to life, which...
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Back At It!

Whew, the move is over!!  My loyal readers have noticed my lack of consistent posts over the last couple weeks, for that I apologize!  I have been inundated with selling our house in St. Louis and moving permanently to Tennessee, Yeah!!  The buyers were extremely demanding, almost to the point at which I considered dropping the contract and looking for a new one.  Since we had one of the very...
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