My Thanksgiving Gratitude To Lowes

My Thanksgiving Gratitude
In the spirit of Thanksgiving I feel the need to express my utmost thanks to something outside of family, good health, church, job, etc etc.  While I am eternally grateful for these people and entities, there is one organization who left an indelible impact on me recently.  Lowes, yes the hardware store, but in particular Jimmy in the lawn care and landscaping department.  Jimmy went out of his...
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Not All Billionaires Are Money Grubbing Tyrants

We all can agree Warren Buffett is one of,  if not the most successful investor of all time.  That accolade may continue for many generations to come, as well it should, that is, until his fortune is topped by another investor.  Warren is 83 years old, seemingly in good health and will likely invest and run Berkshire Hathaway until his very last breath.  He lives and breaths investing, he’s...
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Why Premiums Are Likely to Get MUCH Higher Under Obamacare

Premiums Are Likely to Get MUCH Higher
We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how health insurance premiums are likely to get much higher under Obamacare for the young and healthy. But here’s my take: premiums are likely to get much higher for all consumers, regardless of age or health status. Do I have inside knowledge? Nope. Strong political leanings? Nope. It’s just a matter of pure logic – consider the following: Adding 50 million...
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New Car Shopping | Best Time To Score A Deal

Best Time To Score A Deal, car shopping
When is the best time to score a deal on car shopping? Thinking your old clunker may not make it through the winter?  Have you found yourself at a stoplight on a freezing December morning overcome by the fear that your car may just stall out, when you press the gas pedal?  Figure ole Bessie hasn’t got much left in her, and time is near to find her replacement?  Well, you’re in luck,...
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