Powerwave Technologies | My Ah Ha Investment Moment

I have come to the realization that market ups and downs are too stressful for my gentile stomach.  My ah ha moment came to me when I invested in the little known publicly traded company, Powerwave Technologies.  Back in 2008-09, Powerwave was supposed to be my ‘home run’, or at least according to all the … Read more

Donation Season | How To Properly Vet A Charity

The Christmas Season is the time for giving, the time of year when we recognize and are thankful for our good fortunes.  This is the season where we realize there’s a great deal of the worlds population who are indeed, less fortunate than we are.  It’s the giving season, a time when your life seems … Read more

Create A Second Income Or Business To Fund Your Health Insurance Premium

Create A Second Income Or Business

Back in September of 2012, the Kaiser Foundation reported that the average employer sponsored health insurance premium was $15,475 for a family of four. That’s an average of nearly $1,300 per month, or roughly the size of a modest house payment. Private plans are at least that high. And that was before we got healthcare reform! … Read more

Coming Soon To A Doorstep Near You: Amazon Drone Droppings

Amazon Drone Droppings

Look, up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, its a….Drone?  Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is in fact, a drone hovering above looking for an ideal spot to drop off your latest Amazon purchase.  You guessed it, Bezos and Company have recently stated that they are close to achieving … Read more

The Degree Industry: What Is Going On With Student Loan Debt?

What Is Going On With Student Loan Debt?

In case you haven’t noticed the price tag for a college degree has steadily increased over the last 10-12 years.  What you may not have heard on the nightly news is that lending institutions are constantly lobbying; (for the public good, of course) to raise the amount a student can borrow.  To me, this seems … Read more