Family Entertainment: Money-Saving Ideas for Outfitting Everyone in Your Home

Decades ago, the average home hosted one television.  Family members huddled around, debated about programming, and thought nothing of the options to come. Today, we have smart phones, iPads, and Xbox systems for family entertainment.  One television per room looks more like the modern day layout.  But you don’t have to pay a ton for infinite entertainment. Buy Used Why buy the newest model television...
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How To Take Control of a Job Interview – And Why You Should

job interview,How To Take Control of a Job Interview - And Why You Should
Have you been getting a lot of job interviews – but no job offers yet? Maybe you need to take control of a job interview. Most people like job interviews about as much as they like speaking before groups or going to the dentist. And if you think about it, a job interview is really a combination of both. You’re speaking before an interviewer (which can be worse than a group) – trying to...
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Troubling Times: Short Sales Vs. Bankruptcy

You’re facing a foreclosure. What do you do? Should you file for bankruptcy or try to sell short. When you sell short, you typically sell the home for less than what you owe. It’s painful, but maybe not as painful as bankruptcy – an option many homeowners rush into. bankruptcy leaves you with few options and a lot of liability. Here’s the difference between the two and some ideas on what...
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