Refrigerator Shopping: The Best Time To Score A Deal

Many people wait for their fridge freezer to give up the ghost before thinking about replacing it, but this is often a false economy. Picking the right time to purchase appliances like this can save you big bucks, and an old model will be chewing up the electricity, even if it is still running correctly. If it does die on you it needs an immediate replacement, leaving you at the mercy of the sellers,...
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7 Reasons Why Working at Home Isn’t For Everybody

work at home, work from home, reasons for work from home
So many people think that working from home is the perfect job situation. For some that may be true, but for others working from home can be a complete disaster. There are at least seven reasons why working at home isn’t for everybody. 1. Domestic Distractions It’s easy to imagine having fewer distractions at home than at work. After all, there are no coworkers around, no boss or other superiors...
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Five Reasons You Should Never Burn Your Bridges on Any Job

Five Reasons You Should Never Burn Bridges at Any Job, career, employer
Just about everyone has had a job that they were desperate to leave, and had an overwhelming desire to take a pound of flesh out of their boss, management in general, or even one or more coworkers on the way out. But even though that may seem like the right course of action, it usually isn’t. If you can possibly avoid it, you should never burn your bridges on any job. Leaving a job on bad terms,...
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Have you hit the gym already?

The whole hullabaloo around fitness seems unnecessary at some point. The innumerable times we stress ourselves over missing a day at the gym or eating that extra cookie and then pacifying ourselves through crash diets and longer exercise regime; it’s just pushing the fitness bar to a pedestal. And then we would randomly wonder, questioning the utility of this lifestyle. So without running around...
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