9 Creative Ways to Contribute to a Political Campaign

political campaign, contributing to a campaign
When most people think of giving to a political campaign, they think about simply donating their money or their time. If both of those options bore you, here are 9 other ways to help your candidate succeed. All of the ideas listed below still count towards your total contribution to a candidate. The reason you may want to consult this list instead of just give cash is because these types of donations...
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How to Deal with a Dealership

car dealership, car deals, best car deals
Here are a few ideas to consider about how to get a better deal with a car dealership. These are five simple tips that may actually save you a lot of money when you get into a car deal in the future.   How to Deal with a Dealership: Research, Research, Research!!! Research, research, research! People get scammed often because they get nervous. Doing your research ahead of time will keep you from...
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Will Groupon Exist through 2015?

Will Groupon Exist through 2015, groupon, coupon sites, deal sites, discounts, promos
I recently talked with someone who just quit Groupon. He was in sales. He said he needed to get out before the place folds. Why would it fold? He said the business plan is unsustainable. He could get a company to agree to use Groupon once – but that’s it. When he tries to get a business to do the Groupon cycle again, they refuse. That’s because people looking for cheap facials and...
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Tax Freedom Day

tax freedom day how much do we pay in taxes how to celebrate should i live abroad to avoid paying taxes tax rates
As we enter a new year, I’d like to talk about taxes. And the fact that you’re working for free right now. Tax Freedom Day is the day that the average American has earned enough money to pay in full his or her total yearly tax bill. It’s essentially the day where the money you earn going forward actually becomes your money. This handy image from the Tax Foundation best illustrates...
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How to Find a New Job in the New Year

new job, new career, new opportunity
It’s human nature. We look for change in our lives most during two times in the year: 1) On our birthdays 2) At the beginning of a new year They are both wake-up calls that basically say, “What are you doing with your life?!” And since 70% of Americans hate their jobs, there is a good chance you do, too. So a worthwhile new year’s resolution for you should be to get a new job. I’ve...
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