The Suprising Benefits of Leasing a Car

The Suprising Benefits of Leasing a Car, leasing a car

Auto leasing gets an awful reputation. That’s because in the long term it is usually cheaper to buy than lease. Most people stop when they read that fact. However, I’d like you to keep reading. There are actually many reasons why leasing may make sense in your situation. The math may not always work out … Read more

401(k) for Dummies

401(k) for Dummies

Nearly half of those surveyed in a recent Charles Schwab Corp. survey said they don’t know if they’re making wise investment decisions within their 401(k). Can you blame them? When you begin working at a company, Human Resources will explain the 401(k) plan they have available for you. But the 401(k) plan is brokered through a third party: Vanguard, … Read more

Do It Yourself Car Repair: How to Get Started

Do It Yourself Car Repair: How to Get Started, car repair, DIY, car mechanic

There are many reasons why you may want to work on your own car: For fun! For the pride in doing it yourself To save money and/or to become more independent Whatever the reason, this guide will tell you what you need to get started repairing, maintaining, and even upgrading your car. This is the … Read more

​Tips for Selling Cameras on eBay

selling cameras, ebay selling, ebay buying, tips on selling

According to a recent article posted on eBay, one of the best selling items on eBay is the digital camera. Right off the bat, we can guess two things: 1) It doesn’t take much effort to sell an in-demand product and 2) There’s probably a lot of product available so there’s a need to differentiate … Read more