How to Make Bike Commuting Even Easier Than Driving

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I’ve been in love with bike commuting for years now. At one point, my commute was 19-miles per day. I’ll admit, that was a little ridiculous. It was a great workout but it took too much time out of my day. However, I’d definitely encourage anyone to commute via bike up to 15 miles. When … Read more

The Financial Perks of Getting Married

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Love. Love comes first and foremost. It’s more important than anything I’m writing about in this post. But this is a financial blog. We gotta talk about the financial aspects of getting married. Talking about money may not be romantic but it is important. Money-related fights are the number one reason for divorce. Statistically, it’s … Read more

8 Ways to Save and Make Money While Being Eco-Friendly

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As beautiful as the term eco-friendly can be, it often comes with a feeling of dread and negativity. You see, while it is in the best interest of the environment and our health to be more sustainable, the efforts of sustainability can be rather costly. And in today’s age of fragile finances, most people are … Read more

Bankruptcy – 3 Things You Must Know Before Filing

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If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona, then hold the phone. There are some important facts about filing for bankruptcy that you need to know for yourself. The world of bankruptcy filing is complex and often messy – but this article will attempt to clear up the three most important things … Read more

The Fastest Way to Save MOST of Your Income

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That’s the dream, right? You’re able to save 50% of your income. If you’re married, this means you can pocket once person’s entire salary. Crazy, right?! That’s doing pretty well. A lot of people grow up assuming some things are just the way they are. Many people believe they cannot change their circumstances. This is … Read more