How to Keep Your Wealth This Black Friday

Thanksgiving is coming, followed immediately by Black Friday. What this means is that there will be enormous pressure to damage your health and wealth. It’s kind of odd that we generally enjoy damaging these two extremely important aspects of our lives. It doesn’t make much logical sense. But then again, humans are emotional beings before logical beings. With that said, we all feel the...
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Christmas Club Accounts. Why?

christmas club accounts, alternative savings, savings options
Christmas club accounts are bizarre. The idea is that a person can put money into this account which they will use for buying Christmas gifts. This is kind of an archaic way of saving money. This article will explore why it’s not the best idea to keep a club account and what you can do instead. Keeping a Christmas Club account is a hassle. Most financial guru’s recommend keeping only a few bank...
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Disadvantages of Using Paper Money

paper currency, using paper money, disadvantages of money
Most monetary transactions nowadays take place electronically. But there are still many people who use paper money. This post will flesh out all the reasons why no one should use paper money, not even Dave Ramsey followers. See, the problem with paper money is that it’s an unsustainable way of using currency. Pretty soon, paper money will only exist on the outskirts of society. Everyone will soon...
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Winter Travel Deals

travel deals, winter discounts, travel promos
Traveling in the winter is a great option for many people. There are deals to be had, the weather at home is usually bleak, and many people find that around New Year’s is a great time to plan an adventure. It’s the time of year when people really think about their lives and what they’d like to do or change. The following article gives you insights for how to score the best winter travel deals. Cold...
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Save Money in College on Trips Back Home

save money in college, college tips, college life
College is expensive! Tuition, room and board, books, lab fees, and even trips back home! Even if you drive, this can be expensive. After all there’s a lot to consider: time, wear and tear on vehicle, fuel costs… The following article will give actionable ways to save money on college road trips back home. Save on Flights Flights don’t have to be expensive. The first rule when saving on flights...
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