How to Save Money While Traveling Domestically

travel tips, save money on travel, cheap travels
I know a person who traveled just 150 miles away and spent $500 for the weekend. That amount of money is a massive amount of money to spend in just a few todays in a medium-sized Midwestern city. To keep others from spending this amount of cheddar, I thought I’d offer up this post. The following post describes things I do when I travel from city to city around the US. These are tips and tricks I...
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Easy Ways to Protect Your Identity

protecting your identity, ways to protect your identity, identity theft
Last month, I got a letter from the U.S. government which said basically, “We’re sorry but there was a data breach. This means someone may have gotten your personal information from our database and may use it to do evil things against you. Whoops. We’re sorry.” I guess it’s not all bad. They did offer free credit monitoring just in case someone does use my information for evil. Although...
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How a Bad Credit Score Can Ruin Your Life

bad credit score, effects of a bad credit score, credit score advice
Everyone knows that a bad credit score is a bad thing. Duh. But not everyone knows why. But I believe that if you see the reason for something, you’ll be more likely to behave. For instance, if someone tells you not to eat Doritos, you’ll still eat them because they’re tasty. But if someone tells you not to eat Doritos because they will make you gain weight, now you have a reason to put down...
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Clever Ways to Save Money in Your 20’s

save money in your 20s, saving money, frugal living
There’s an old saying, ‘It is good for a man that he should bear the yolk in his youth.’ What this means is that you have great ability to do many things while you’re young. That won’t be the case forever. So take advantage of being in your 20’s. Work long hours to earn lots of money. And couple that with doing clever things to save money. Live with Roommates I’ve lived with many-a-stranger...
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How to Avoid Buying a Bad Product

I hear from a lot of people lamenting they’ve bought a bad product. They are angered that the product is not as good as they hoped. So the following post is meant to curtail people in the future from buying bad products. We’ll cover enough angles so you will virtually never buy a bad product again. No more wasting money. No more being disappointed. Wait before Buying Sometimes people will just...
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