How to Be the Highest Paid Employee in Your Organization

employee tips, job advice, career tips
I’m 25. Although that seems like a very young age, I still have amassed quite a lot of work experience. My parents are self-employed so I’ve been working for basically my entire life. At age 14, I got a job working for someone else after school, on weekends and over summer break. Since then I’ve had internships in the public and private sectors. I’ve worked for several Fortune 500 companies...
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How Soylent Saves You Green

Soylent is a meal replacement beverage which provides a balanced meal in the form of a drink. You can buy it as powder or you can buy it mixed together in reusable bottles. Soylent sounds like a trendy drink that will cost big money. But it’s actually a great way to save money. The only authorized distributor of Soylent is the Soylent website. There, you can choose between different delivery options....
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How to Avoid Eating out so Often

avoid eating out, avoiding fast food, frugal eating
A lot of people know eating out means unnecessarily spending a lot of money. Some people spend hundreds if not thousands per month on dining out alone. While it is somewhat enjoyable, this spending with limit your ability to become financially independent. Most people are aware but they just don’t know how to avoid restaurants. Many people act like they just must dine out no matter what. While it’s...
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How to Find a Good Income Property

good income property, increasing home value, property tips
You’ve probably watched the show ‘Income Property’ on HGTV. If not, it’s a show where people buy homes, renovate them and usually end up paying the mortgage with the rental income. Sometimes, buyers even earn more than the mortgage payment. How great is that?! They’re able to build equity in a home and earn immediate income. That’s the kind of investment everyone should aspire to have....
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Ways to Save Time (and Money) on a Reoccurring Basis

saving time, saving money, ways to save
Time is money. Any rich person will agree with that. Thus, it’s important for all of us to save time as much as possible. It’s our greatest asset. This post is about how to save time each and every day. I’m a big believer in that if you use your time wisely, you’ll always have time to get rich. I’ve read a lot of books about time management lately. Every book says planning is key. If you...
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