Fun Party Ideas That’ll Save You Money (Without the Guests Knowing It)

party on a budget, frugal party, fun party ideas
There are few things in life more uncomfortable than seeing a party host trying hard to save money. They are basically saying, “Have a great time – just so long as it doesn’t cost me much money!” It gets awkward. I once was at a party where the host was obsessive about people keeping one disposable cup through the entire night. Many guests felt like they were at work. The host kept an eagle...
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How to Score Sweet Deals on Sweet Treats

Everyone loves candy, am I right?! That’s a rhetorical question. Of course everyone loves candy. That’s thanks to the reptilian portion of our brain. The reptilian portion of our brain is slow to the party. Basically, it thinks we’re still living in caves. It still commands us to choose our food based on its calorie count. Greasy meat? Good! That has a lot of calories. Candy? Good! Many calories....
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How to Maintain a Car That Rarely Gets Driven

car maintenance, taking care of your car, car tips
Cars cost a lot to operate. According to AAA, it costs 59.2 cents per mile to operate a mid-sized car. So perhaps you’re giving driving a rest. Maybe you’re working from home, taking public transportation, walking or riding a bicycle everywhere. Good for you. But if you still own a car, it’s important to keep it in good working order. If you let it just sit, you’re likely to get just as many...
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How to Choose Where to Live

where to live, where to stay, living options
It’s a fantastic problem to have, wondering where to live. But sometimes a world of choices is intimidating. I mean think about it… you can live anywhere on the planet. That’s bizarre. But this post will help you wrap your head around the process of finding a place to live. Let’s get moving! Family/Friends Obviously, the biggest draw you’ll have to any place is if you have family or friends...
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What to Consider When Buying a New Laptop

purchasing a laptop, buying a laptop, laptop tips
Buying a new laptop is one of the biggest purchases you make. Its sounds crazy but it’s probably true. So before you upgrade, make sure you’re buying exactly what you want. I’ll be shopping around for a new laptop in the near future. My current laptop is really good but evolutionary components like screen clarity and speaker quality are beginning to show their age. The following is what I’ve...
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