5 Grocery Shopping Hacks for Spending $100/Month per Person

grocery shopping hacks, grocery tips, grocery shopping
Life is ridiculously cheap! Our basic necessities are dirt cheap and will likely keep getting cheaper.  Food, shelter, clothing, transportation… small expenses for our luxurious lives.  How small?  Well, for instance, I’ve hacked the grocery game to the point I spend about $75 per month.   And I eat healthy stuff!  Here’s what I do… Here are my 5 easy grocery shopping hacks...
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How to Increase Your Productivity While Working from Home

work from home tips, work from home advice, being productive while working at home
It’s the 21st century which means more and more jobs are done online. With this kind of freedom, most people who can, work from home. Since the trend will continue, this post will likely either be helpful for you right now or in the near future. Now, keep in mind that everyone works differently. The following is a post about how I and many people I work with stay productive while working from home....
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The Best Checking Accounts for Minors

savings account for kids, financial tips for kids, kids and money
Many banks have started offering accounts particularly to children. Though, parents can always monitor or guide their kids when it comes to managing the account. In this article, I sought to find out which is the best checking account for minors. I have considered only those accounts that Require no or very low opening balance Have no or very low monthly cost Are available online Offer debit card...
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6 Steps to Finding a Summer Job That Pays Well

summer job, career advice, career tips
Do you want to have fun over the summer or do you want to make money?  Do both! Alright, now time to see if your Macbook Pro can live up to its name: 1) Create Resume and a List of References You may think at this age your resume would be a blank page but you’re wrong.  A teenager’s resume can include school clubs, chores around the house, entrepreneurial projects, grades, you name it.  Consider...
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